Friday, February 13, 2009

Destroying Citizens Trust of Our Courts

by Brenda Durant

A recent article in the Statesmen about Chief Justice Jefferson's plea for reform and discussions for the need to reform, shows that "too much is wrong in Texas".

Of-course there are laws which were put in place to deter such crimes against citizens, like the crime of "Criminal Official Mis-conduct", a felony. The problem is enforcement.

Local D.A.'s won't prosecute a member of the "good old boys club", and the Attorney General says that the Legislatures must first engage him to take action against those who have committed the most egregious crime, of destroying citizens trust of our courts which are supposed to serve and protect.

Following the money, we quickly see why our court rooms are turned into arena of deceits, robbing citizens of their rights, their trust of government, and even their lives. I found out too much, the hard way, in Hood County. I would have rather been taken out by terrorists from other countries than to be victimized by my own government, which I was once so proud of. Who are the real terrorists?

Citizens have the right and duty to demand accountability from those who are elected and appointed to serve and protect. I continue to do just that.

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