Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Social Worker Snatches 4 year Old and Puts up for Adoption


Mum’s heartbreaking fight to get her daughter back. (Sarah And Ian Walton; Pictured with Their Daughter Crystal)

SUNDAY MIRROR EXCLUSIVE by Lori Campbell and Martyn Halle 14/02/2009

A mum and dad have been told they will never see their young daughter again… after she was snatched away at only four days old.

Tiny Baby A was taken from her mum by social workers who claimed the tot, who we will call Emily, was at risk in the family home.
Not because of the mum’s failure to care for her – but because of a six-year-old unproven claim that her husband had injured his son from a previous marriage.

Yet, although interviewed by police, he never faced a criminal court over that allegation. And he has even been allowed unsupervised access to watch his boy grow up.

Now the High Court, in a devastating civil court ruling, has decided that a decision to forcibly adopt Emily – now aged four – away from her parents (who we are calling Tania and Stephen) must stand.

Revealing her agony for the first time, mum Tania said: “I had my beautiful baby girl snatched from me at just four days old. Only a mother could understand the horror of that.

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(The Story of Sarah, Ian Walton and their Daughter Crystal) (Our Story)
I Ian Walton Take Responsibility For Naming Our Selves In This Article And Not The Sunday Mirror write us at webmaster@stopinjusticenow.com

( These ‘legal reasons’ allow wicked and incompetent social workers, highly questionable ‘expert witnesses’ in the pay of social workers and the family courts, to operate in complete secrecy and to be protected from the public scrutiny which used to be the essential cornerstone of (Universal) Justice and Democracy. Not any more !

Our State continues to erode our freedoms one by one as it seeks to control every aspect of citizens lives.

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Anonymous said...

This nothing new. We are heading for the trenches classwarfarewise, and most of us are going to be casualties. It's time for the villagers to show up with the torches and pitchforks and tar and feather the social workers and ride them out of town on a rail..