Monday, February 2, 2009

Heaven Help the Elderly - No Help from the Authorities Here

by Claudia

On Monday, I sent a packet of materials to the Internal Investigation Dept. of the King County Sheriff's Office -- filing a complaint against the detective who "investigated" my elder abuse complaint.

I just got a phone call from a KC Sergeant. He said what I sent him didn't constitute a viable complaint against the detective -- so there will be no investigation.

He said that he would send the material to the Maple Valley precinct to see if what my siblings did -- spend mom's money on trying to disinherit me or buying clothes for her at the Goodwill or outlet mall stores was financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

He thought what my brother(s) and sister did constituted bad judgment -- but not fraud. I guess keeping mail from her, spending it on attorney to disinherit me is ok to do, spending her money on legal fees -- that ok to do.

Mom got screwed -- from the guardian, my siblings, the various attorneys, and there is nothing anyone will do. Heaven help the elderly of King County and Washington State.

God help the elderly not only from King County but in all counties, the message is " You are on your own" abuse an animal and you could go to jail, in my county you catch a lobster out of season and there is an investigation, but elders that a "civil matter" no need for an investigation there.

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