Monday, February 2, 2009

Elder Abuse Alive and Well in Mexico

By Debra SmithHerald Writer ARLINGTON --

Robert Hood left for a fishing trip along the coast of Mexico, and when he finally returned, he was never the same.

Mexican police arrested Hood on arson charges after someone set fire to a fishing shack near where he was staying in San Felipe. Hood, a World War II veteran with a spotless record, languished for days in a filthy, crowded Mexican prison in 1982.

Hood was eventually released after a barrage of bad press from both sides of the border began to hurt tourism.He came home 50 pounds lighter and was broken emotionally, said his son, Gary Hood of Stanwood. His father talked of hearing other prisoners being tortured and beaten.

The prison was so crowded, his father spoke of sleeping standing up."It changed my dad," Hood said. "He became reclusive, not as happy. He was like a prisoner of war."


We warn our readers of traveling to countries that have little or no respect for civil rights, therefore we warn our readers against travel to Mexico.

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