Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Elder Murdered by Own Family

By Teresa Stepzinski Story updated at 12:45 AM on Sunday, May. 31, 2009

Jacksonville,Florida, USA

That their mother killed their 68-year-old father was brutal. But the close-knit brothers - Davis Jr., Scott and Jeff - were then branded "money grubbing" cads by their mother and her lawyers, who sought to justify the slaying of the respected and popular Waycross eye doctor.

"It's been a war zone ... I felt like I've walked around with this stigma," Scott Jacobs, 41, said the day after the verdict. "I haven't had time to grieve."

He and his oldest brother, Davis Jacobs Jr., recounted for jurors numerous incidents of their mother abusing their father, who a psychologist later testified was the battered spouse.

Battered men generally don't report abuse and often don't leave their abuser because they are ashamed, afraid or blame themselves for causing the violence, District Attorney Rick Currie said.


It all goes back to more of the same, abused elders don't report abuse because of the stigma, and if they did who would believe them, when my mother was abused and we reported, the Monroe County Sheriff that investigated Henry B. Hamilton stated that because there were not any signs of physical abuse that there must not be any.

Elders in the US are being finished off at an alarming rate, as long as the incidents are not reported in the mass media they are seen as isolated incidents which makes for the killing off of individual elders one at a time much easier......

In reality we folks in the USA don't really need many enemies we are doing a pretty good job amongst ourselves of killing and preying on each other for money.....

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