Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is Mother's Day for Clara G. Fernandez

Today May 31 or the last Sunday of the month is Mother's Day for Clara G. Fernandez in the country in which she sought refuge to escape government interference in family affairs and to escape being forcibly interned in a nursing home, Clara and her family is of Latin culture and it is deeply ingrained in us to take care of our own free of government forced interference ,chemical restraining, and forced interment in a detention center.

Clara chose to leave her home,friends and material possessions for the first time in 1965 when Fidel Castro socialized Cuba in 1959 and we chose to inmigrate to the US.

Clara now 92 years old and still going strong earlier Clara found herself the victim of physical and financial abuse when opportunists and wanna be heirs who were strangers to the family and found in the offset of her dementia and Alzheimer's an opportunity to loot her estate while authorities did nothing to stop the looting and wanton destruction of her family.

Even though Clara had ample family to take care of her a forced guardianship by attorneys Cara A. Higgins, David Paul Horan, Robert Tischenkel, Donald E. Yates and others imposed themselves while charging upwards of $400.00 per hours to perform menial and unnecessary tasks that here to her family had performed lovingly for free.

The Guardianship was terminated on October ,22, 2008 when it was determined that Clara Fernandez's once multi million dollar Trust was broke.

Clara's husband of 58 years well known and respected Dr. A.J. Fernandez died of the stress of the situation, almost one year after the couple was forcibly separated. Dr. Fernandez did not understand the forced and illegal separation and died of a broken heart on January 9th 2006.

Today is a joyous occasion and Clara is celebrating Mother's day surrounded by loving family members free from fear of persecution from overzealous Adult Protective Services who are often in bed with the Guardians and their attorneys who have mixed interests and loyalties when it comes to protecting our elders.

Even though we are very zealous for protecting Clara's privacy after everything she has been through we will attempt to bring you updates and pictures as the events warrant.....

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that the move has been good for your piece of mind. It is horrible that you had to leave the country to get it however. I am becoming increasingly saddened and discouraged by the lack of moral courage and ethics in our judicial system. All I can do is continuing to do what is right in my small corner of the world.

Best wishes to you.