Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Estate Planning Docs .-They Do Not Stand Up to Court Scrutiny

DelRay Beach,Florida

“Dorothy Murtha is being forced to have a PROFESSIONAL GUARDIAN CORPORATION take over her life and all living and medical decisions against her will. This corporate guardian is also forcing her to live in a "dump" nursing home against her wishes. Judge Phillips has illegally shut down preneed papers written by Dorothy several years ago. Dorthoy's choice of her own POA and Health advocate which would have kept Dorthy out of guardianship. She is being denied her wishes and choice of people to take care of her. It will be held in the Probate court 2floor Judge Phillips


I found out the hard way pretty much like Dorothy and millions of Americans find out every year, that Estate preplanning documents are a "sham" that regardless how much planning went into your Estate , and how much money you spend and how bullet proof "you thought" they were, they are pretty much worthless in court if they are contested ..........

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Anonymous said...

Bizzare concept. I am very interested in having some elaboration on this subject. PPlease provide more info and dialog. Thanks

And please sign up for my open facebook group: CPEA Consortium for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. I'll be waiting to hear from you...