Saturday, May 30, 2009

EOD Reports : Exploitation is Daily Fare for Elders hears on an almost daily basis of new Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases in which probate venues and/or probate instruments (wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney) are used to loot assets of the dead and disabled/incapacitated. That is significant for a small, relatively obscure web site like EoD.

We recently added a new entry called New Jersey Corruption to the EoD Links and Sources page. This horrific story is detailed by a member of the Blasco family who says “My Father, a Vietnam Vet with a purple heart, is having his estate stolen by New Jersey’s Government Courts.”

These accounts, albeit familiar, are individually tragic and heartbreaking when taking into account the numerous lives harmed in each action. We posted another similar case out of Ohio earlier this week. Many other inquiries and pleas we receive are not published due to their sensitive nature or pending legal action.

What is most sad is while cries for help are desperately increasing, many people don’t understand the IRA issue, even more don’t bother listening and only a few care. IRA targets - those alive or with any ability to speak - regularly lament how they never dreamed such acts of looting could so overtake their lives. And routinely, these are people who completed their “proper estate planning” yet through opportunistic maneuvering by wannabe heirs and/or dishonest legal professionals, their wishes are ignored or subverted.

Another common thread is that targets or other parties at the forefront of dealing with these actions will tell of contacting all seemingly logical authorities, going through the appropriate processes and channels, doing everything that appears as a reasonable course to avoid an ugly dispute or prolonged, extensive legal battle. Despite these efforts, dead ends or directions to civil court are all that are found.


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