Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exploitation and the Circle Jerk

If a senior citizen cannot explain the need and ramifications of any document whether it is a legal contract, a do not resuscitate order, a will, a power of attorney, a check, a bank transfer, stock sale, etc., the person that accepts the change may be an abuser or exploiter.

A senior citizen who simply says, "yes," and agrees, stating they understand the document and/or the situation is NOT be considered to understand the situation or agreement unless they can explain what the paperwork, financial transaction, healthcare decision, etc., means, the reason for it, why it's needed in the way of actual effects now or the eventual outcome on their life. COACHING to obtain an answer from anyone in any form may be elder abuse.

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Irene A. Masiello Author: Paradise Costs-A Victim's Daughter Fights Back Against Elder Abuse Afterword by: Bennett Blum, M.D.
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At 87 yrs old with Dementia,Alzhaimers, my mother was chemically restrained then isolated while made to sign over everything she owned, when we went to the authorities for help they told us she had a right to sign over everything she owned to anyone she wanted they did the circle jerk! While my mother was left in a hotel room incapacitated and robbed blind.

They then recommended a Guardianship which strained an already depleted estate due to yeats of legal wrangling and never ending court hearings .

This is the infamous circle jerk as anyone who has been desperately seeking refuge and relief from abuse has experienced first hand.

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