Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote of the Day -A Nation of Thieves-

"In most of the United States, he says, you can go to jail for stealing a loaf of bread but if you have paid off Washington, you can steal the life-savings, livelihoods, homes and dreams of an entire nation, and you will be allowed to live in the fancy homes you own, drive multiple cars, throw multi-million dollar birthday parties, etc. and virtually get away with it."

"if America is to recover from this economic debacle that we find ourselves in, its people must return to the principles that made it great - hard work, creativity, and innovation - and both government and business must serve that end. Washington must serve America, not Wall Street. Things will not change so long as Americans acquiesce to business as usual in Washington. It's time for Americans to make their voices heard."

Lorimer Wilson of http://www.preciousmetalswarrants.com/

We are still very unhappy about the (IRA) Involuntary Redistribution of Assets where the legitimate heirs of Clara and Dr. A.J. Fernandez were whittled down to where most of the "intended" legitimate heirs most of which got zero 00.00 while attorneys collectively piled on at several thousands of dollars per hours until all the liquid assets such as Bonds, Stock Trading accounts, CD's were gone ....

And most of all we are deeply disappointed that when our mother Clara G. Fernandez was "Improperly removed from her home " Judge Von Hoff August 30, 2005 and we turned to the authorities that could have prevented Dr. Fernandez' death and Clara G. Fernandez incapacity by over medicating and neglect the authorities including APS that could have prevented our parents Golden Age turn into "Terror" they all did the circle jerk.

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