Tuesday, April 3, 2007

U.S Federal laws Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 55 >1201

“(2) Guidelines.—The United States Sentencing Commission is directed to amend the existing guidelines for the offense of ‘kidnapping, abduction, or unlawful restraint,’ by including the following additional specific offense characteristics: If the victim was intentionally maltreated (i.e., denied either food or medical care) to a life-threatening degree, increase by 4 levels; if the victim was sexually exploited (i.e., abused, used involuntarily for pornographic purposes) increase by 3 levels; if the victim was placed in the care or custody of another person who does not have a legal right to such care or custody of the child either in exchange for money or other consideration, increase by 3 levels; if the defendant allowed the child to be subjected to any of the conduct specified in this section by another person, then increase by 2 levels.”

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