Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clara's Horrific Case of Elder Abuse - Were There Flaws in the Investigation ?

In this Sheriff Report #MCSO050FF007917 by investigator Henry B Hamilton dated 9/5/2005
in the paragraph (1) Raul Fernandez is mis-quoted as saying " Mr Raul Fernandez advised that he will be pursuing this matter civilly with his attorney."

I can assure you that I didn't even have an attorney at the time , which brings me to this question-

As a citizen , Do we have the right to be accurately quoted and represented in a police report when attempting to report a crime against an elderly person ?

Paragraph (2) states and I quote " Since there was no signs of physical abuse and the matter should be handled civilly between the brothers."

Photo taken of Clara G. Fernandez during the summer of 2004 dining out with her family and 'legally appointed caregivers' before she was abducted.

Photo taken of Clara with her new self appointed caregiver, Social Worker Al Fernandez Jr. shortly after her abduction in November 2004.

When the Investigator said " There were no signs of physical abuse" did he fail to notice that Clara was in a wheelchair! Where as "There have been no recent has been good. Past Medical History : UNREMARKABLE over the past several months." -Dr.Nancy Kaplitz, Neurologist, June 17, 2004 . and her gait was excellent before she was taken!

Small details, perhaps easily passed over during an investigation of elder abuse. This should have never happened and needs to be addressed in a properly executed investigation of Elder abuse by the State of Florida and Department of Elder Affairs.

article by Ray Fernandez

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