Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hair Dresser to Prosecutor at age 64 to protect Elders!

Devotion to elderly rooted in salon
Karr acted on horror stories she heard as hairdresser

Sometimes people tell their hairdressers things they won't repeat to anyone else.
The stories Helen Karr heard as the manager of a string of San Francisco beauty salons shocked and saddened her. She heard tale after tale from elderly clients who found themselves in financial ruin at the hands of callous family members or opportunistic caretakers.

Karr never forgot the feeling of helplessness she heard in those women's voices.

On her 64th birthday, Karr enrolled in law school, earned a degree and now works as an elder abuse specialist in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

Today, victims of elder abuse are not only robbed of their money, they are often in danger of losing their homes. Some lose everything, including their life savings....Eventually they so isolate their victim from family members they claim "no one else cares about you, but me."

Abridged read it all here >>

Wow, what can I say! It's going to be hard to upstage that, Congratulations Attorney Helen Karr , from Hair dresser to Elder Abuse Specialist for the District Attorney Office at age 64. You are an encouragement for people of all ages who think they are too old for a career change.

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