Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ElderAbuseHelp.Org Congratulates D.C.F. On New Policy

Congratulations on "Positive Step Forward"!
{This is what we need to make our Justice System work better for our Elderly!}

Clara's family made contact with DCF - District 14 head, Mr. James Grible to investigate the well being of Clara G. Fernandez, because Clara's family did not feel the DCF in Bartow, Florida (Polk County), was properly investigating the welfare of Clara G. Fernandez or doing enough to prevent potential harm from coming to Clara.

Mr. Grible called back and said that he had met with his legal staff and that "an abduction had indeed taken place", he also said that he would be writing a letter to the State Attorneys office to recommend that they take action.

Mr. James Grible also said that he found "deficiencies in the manner of the investigation" in Bartow, Florida, as to how it was handled regarding the complaint that was filed by Clara G. Fernandez's family when they lost contact with her and became fearful that something tragic would happen to her.

This all came about around the time that Clara was taken to Winter Haven, Florida and isolated from her family in a such manner, that it became impossible for her husband, the grieving Dr. A.J. Fernandez to be with his wife during the last year of his life.

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