Monday, April 30, 2007

Man Arrested in Mugging of Woman, 101

By TOM HAYS, Associated Press Writer Sat Apr 28, 6:36 AM ET

NEW YORK - She was brutally mugged in a crime that outraged New Yorkers, but the 101-year-old victim said the attack hasn't intimidated her.

VIDEO: Vicious Assault on Granny Caught on Tape

"I'm not fearful at all," Rose Morat said Friday as police made an arrest in the case. "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen."

Jack Rhodes, 44, was arrested on charges of robbery, grand larceny, burglary and assault, police said. They did not have an address for Rhodes, who was also accused of robbing an 85-year-old woman the same day Morat was attacked, police said.

He got away with $33 and Morat's house keys. She suffered a fractured cheekbone and spent time in the hospital.

Currently, the crime is a misdemeanor, punishable by no more than a year in jail.

"There's certainly a higher penalty for possessing a rock of cocaine in this state than for beating up elderly, bedridden grandparents," Deputy Prosecutor Page Ulrey said.

This is a follow up on the story published on EA on March 29, 2007 >>

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