Saturday, April 21, 2007

When it comes to anti-wrinkle creams the only thing that will vanish is your cash,

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They promise to erase the lines from our faces, but when it comes to anti-wrinkle creams the only thing that will vanish is your cash, according to a new investigation. What’s more, there’s no correlation between the amount of money you spend and how effective an anti-ageing cream is.

In its January issue, the American Consumer magazine reports that one of the cheapest anti-ageing ranges – Olay Regenerist, which offers a 'regenerating serum' for £16.87 – performed slightly better than premium products costing hundreds of pounds. But none of the formulas tested produced effects visible to the naked eye.

So, can these anti-ageing elixirs ever really be worth it?

First off, whatever the marketing says, no topical product (ie: something applied to the skin as opposed to a medically invasive procedure) in existence is going to make you look 21 if you are 42.

Sun damage, the inevitable breakdown of collagen and loss of elasticity as we age, smoking and environmental factors all take their toll on our delicate facial skin. While anti-ageing formulas might seem to have a positive effect on your skin for a while, giving it the appearance of being plumper or more blemish-free, this is merely cosmetic according to beauty expert Rebecca Prescott writing on

She says: "Whilst it (your skin) may play the game for a little while, plumping up nicely to give the appearance of looking younger, more even and less lined, this is only a temporary, somewhat cosmetic ruse. It is actually a biological trick of the light, a chimerical nod to the quest for youth. Don't be fooled."

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