Tuesday, April 1, 2008

South Florida Guardian Abuse Alert - They Need Your Help!

Elder Guardianship Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation stories in South Florida are being sought out by Elder Advocacy Group considering Class Action Procedures.

We ask that any individuals who have any news of Elder Abuse concerning a relative, neighbor or friend to urgently contact us.

ElderAbuseHelp.Org -
is limited on resources in the fight to help abused elders.
These Abused Elders need your help immediately to fight for many American Heroes who are asking for help and have no one to turn to.

We are asking for an Attorney who might be able to help anyone whose family's Civil Rights have been improperly abrogated, to include any attorneys in the State of Florida and any other attorneys in the United States of America that might be able to refer our victims to powerful a Legal Foundation /Organization who can step in and help!

Thank you for caring for our Elders who deserve to live out their days with dignity and respect.

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