Monday, April 21, 2008

Elder Abuse - News Jounalist - Janet Phelan and Others, Help Secure Television Interview for Victim of Elder Abuse and Exploitation.

After hearing the stories and seeing the pictures about abducted mothers being taken to "Warehouses to die", and actually being placed on he floor next to the trash, I became so scared that my mother could meet a similar fate, all I could think of was to rush home and take my mother someplace safe.

This abuse of the elderly is truly un-believable, we would like for you to meet some of these victims. You will not believe what you will see or hear, it is that horrible!

The elder abuse victims and the families that I have met through this web site are really scared out of their wits, and they are afraid to talk to anyone. When they showed me photos of their parent in the nursing home the Guardian had put her, I became sick to my stomach.

Just as soon as they found out she was taking pictures of the disgusting enviroment that her mother was subject to , her mothers court appointed guardian prohibited her from seeing her mother!

These stories are just begging to be told!! -

FOX NEWS knows it, CBS knows it, and numerous other media outlets know it, but many of the victims are afraid to talk, they trust no one , perhaps we can get them to learn to trust just long enough to get some of their stories told.

WPEC, channel 12, is the CBS-affiliated television station for West Palm Beach, Florida, And another elder abuse and exploitation story is being told,....
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