Saturday, April 5, 2008

G'ship Stories Keep Coming In !

This is my mother, Doris Denney. During her active life, she was hard working and honest to a fault. She is currently in a wheelchair due in large part to Care Planning Associates' (a "professional" guardian) neglect. For a paltry six week guardianship, that company and its parasitical attorney ripped off eighteen thousand dollars from her. That was money she worked hard for, sacrificed for, and counted on to buffer the anticipated ravages of old age. It was money that was in no way earned by the guardianship and its free-loading attorney.

Since there was considerably more money to be had, the guardianship made every effort to distort her life to keep themselves in her accounts. They were not able to continue their plunder, but Commissioner Carlos Velategui had no trouble gifting them with the obviously stolen eighteen thousand dollars. The court, in every way, gave evidence of a corruption as profound as that of the guardians. In truth, the guardianship commissioners and judges should be sent home to deposit their filth in their own nests. The stench they left in the "judicial" system will linger a lifetime.

The guardians and their free-loading attorneys should be jailed.
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AskAngela said...

As I look at your precious mothers picture, I see thousands of elderly men and women who have been raped and robbed by the corrupt court system.

Elder Abuse is HORRIFIC. These judges are PATHETIC and uncaring. They are powerful beasts eating their elderly prey daily while familes steadily watch their elder family members suffer.

Your helpless against them. I am still trying to find ONE, just ONE judge who will swallow his or her pride and undo some of the damage thats been done here where I live.
Will it ever happen? Maybe in my dreams.

Good luck to you and your mom.
Many Blessings..