Saturday, April 5, 2008

Veteran Investigative Reporter For Fox News Mary Garafalo Terminated From Fox News After Exposing Guardianship Abuse ?


Mary Garofalo has been working at Fox 5 News since 1996. Her tenacious reports with "Fox 5 Investigates" have earned her a reputation as an "electronic pitbull" and one of the toughest reporters in New York City. Her hard-hitting investigations have landed con artists behind bars, uncovered corruption and exposed countless scams.

The day after the 2nd explosive documentary on this subject she was informed that her contract with Fox would not be renewd and she could clean out her desk .Recently Mary Garafalo has done a series exposing guardianship abuse by Judges, attoneys, and guardians , could Mary have been terminated inmediately after her expose aired on Tues April 1,2008 exposing guardian elder abuse?

Fox can not shut this story up by terminating Mrs Garafalo. We urge all our readers to take action and contact Fox News (212) 452-5555 and demand to know why she was let go and that the expose must continue.

Our Elders are in great danger and this dirty secret can not be kept hidden any longer.

This is an urgent call to action by all persons who care about preserving free speech please contact the station and demand that Mary Garafalo be returned to the station to continue her excellent work on behalf of America's most vulnerable adults, the elderly people..

To Contact Fox News 5 Here =>> at at the link below

You can also try the phone numbers # 877-835-5369
212-736-2010 , 888-369-4762, 310-369-10000

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Anonymous said...

Someone, please post the sponsors of this Fox station. Hit them where it hurts, "in the pocketbook"

Cnn, where are you? Elder Abuse victims need your help!!!

Voters, when we all go to the polls this election year, know what the candidate intends to do about Elder Abuse and insist they
do more than make idle promises.

I am a senior citizen and for the last four years I have devoted my life fighting the "good ole boys system" in regards to an Elder Abuse Neglect and Exploitation in my family. One thing I learned, it scares the hell out of them when someone fights back.