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Dr. Robert Sarhan Gets His Day In Court? Harvey D. Rogers seems to think so!

- Miami, Florida USA.

Well, did Dr. Robert Sarhan get his day in Court on April 17,2004? -

{"Dr. Robert Sarhan was very well prepared for this hearing and we will make his briefs available for your viewing as soon as they become available to us."}

Dr. Sarhan was thrown a "vicious curve-ball" right off the bat, as Dr. Sarhan was told that the Appellate Court was subject to Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure specifically (3) Motions relating to oral argument, rule 9.320.

RULE 9.320. ORAL ARGUMENT - Oral argument may be permitted in any proceeding. A request for oral argument shall be a separate document served by a party not later than the time the last brief of that party is due.

[Each side will be allowed 20 minutes for oral argument, except in capital cases in which each side will be allowed 30 minutes.] On its own motion or that of a party, the court may require, limit, expand, or dispense with oral argument.

Dr. Sarhan was under the impression that he had 20 minutes as stated in the rules 9.320,
but Dr. Sarhan soon found that the judge only allowed him 10 minutes.

He said that he had prepared for the twenty minutes allotted to present his oral argument, and the Honorable Judges (3) said; "Not in this court", "Maybe in the 3rd District Court of Appeals, but not here"! and then proceeded to walk out on Dr. Sarhan while he was still making his argument.

In Dr's Sarhan own words, a description of what took place;
"He stated, "congratulations you are now the guardian of your mother but Judge Bruce Levy ordered you to sign this quit claim deed, deeding my home that my mother gave me into the guardianship of my mother. In October we found out that Rogers lied, we never won the Guardianship case of my mother and the Judge never ordered us to sign a quit claim deed."

"Rogers never objected to the fraudulent report that Barbra Reiser wrote and he never showed up to court of December 2, 2003 for whom would be the permanent guardian of my mother, for reasons of why I hired him. "
It is amazing to me, if I were to lie in court as much as Harvey Rogers, I would be held in contempt and jailed for 6 months at minimum. However, Rogers lies to his client, lies to the Judges and the Florida Bar does absolutely nothing, but protect the attorneys who lie and destroy their clients cases.

Here on May 16, 2007, Harvey Rogers stated that he did not receive my motion until yesterday by express mail, which would of been May 15, 2007. However, Harvey Rogers lied to Judge Thomas, at that very moment I had the United States Post Office tracking report stating that he recieved my motion on May 14, 2007 at 3:25 p.m.. He lied so that the Judge would throw out my motion for not being timely, and she did refuse to hear my motion. However, the tracking report showed that Rogers lied committing Fraud on the Court.
The whole idea is, this lawyers lies constantly in the courtroom and the Judges treats him like his buddy. It seems that the legal system, is not really a legal system at all. You have elderly people being ruled incompetent when they are fully competent, so these attorneys and guardians can steal there money.

I have always said, that the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians are ruling the elderly people incompetent to steal there money, when these vulnerable citizen are very competent. It is a dirty crime by dirty people plagueing this country and I intend to stop this crime. First I will start with my mother and then with every mother in this country.

Please join me and stop elderly abuse and exploitation.

by Dr. R .Sarhan

Attorney Harvey D. Rogers seemed very upset at being brought up on this matter, and was shocked to see so many supporters present for Dr. Sarhan's hearing.

So much so, that as we were all walking toward the elevator, Harvey D. Rogers started yelling at the ladies that came to show their support for Dr. Sarhan, and to support their own cause to end Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation.

Harvey D. Rogers started calling these elderly ladies names, he used the word "trash" on more than several occasions, and also continued saying "What a Bunch of Jerks."

One of the elderly ladies present took offense to the rude comments and said; "I rather be a jerk than a thief", at which Mr. Harvey D. Rogers seem to be in fear of the lady in the wheel chair, whose voice was the loudest heard and he proceeded to call for police officers to escort him out of the building.

Of course this was a waste of taxpayers money, as the hearing was unfairly shortened on time, and the childish tantrum that Mr. Harvey D. Rogers threw, both actions were not worthy of the decorum of a professional in a Higher Court.

It was clear to all, that the elderly ladies never presented any threats or danger to Mr. Harvey D. Rogers, who was more than provoking and taunting.

Although every single one of these victims has paid ungodly sums of money in legal fees in desperation, thinking that these people (judges) could liberate their parents from the living-hell called "Forced Guardianship," we just may be just that; "Jerks" to believe that the judges would even care.

Do these victims deserve their lives destroyed and their parent's hard earned savings taken away?

Many of them are "barely making ends meet" in taking care of their elder parents, so now when you add to that, the "uncalled for" legal fees, you are commuting a death sentence on the elder and "destroying that elder families," heirs , children and grandchildren, whose lives are often traumatized by the forced and improperly imposed guardianship's.

These ladies are the "S0-Called Jerks" that Attorney Harvey D. Rogers was referring to,..

You can Email Attorney Harvey D. Rogers and let him know how you feel about him calling these sweet ladies "Jerks"- Here:

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