Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adding Title of Mom's Home under False Pretenses Land Jail Sentence for Sibling

VENTURA, Calif.—Toni Radys won't be spending Mother's Day with Mom next month.

The 55-year-old Moorpark woman has been sentenced to 123 days in Ventura County jail for preying on her elderly mother.
Prosecutors say Radys pleaded guilty to insurance fraud, grand theft, mental abuse and financial elder abuse with a special allegation of a loss over $150,000.

Radys used false pretenses to add her name to the legal title of her mother's home, and she used a power of attorney to obtain a mortgage on a second property, then removed her mother's name from the title.
The daughter also stole from her mother's bank accounts and got a credit card and a life insurance policy in her mother's name. The insurance policy named Radys sole beneficiary and her daughter rang up debt on the credit card.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that Radys also verbally abused her mother and threatened to throw her out of her own home.

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Olivias Mom said...

I am glad to see that justice will be served in this situation, however if it is the courts that are neglecting and exploiting, they get away with it.
Funny how this works..