Thursday, April 17, 2008

Interview With Mary Garafalo

The first guest, Mary Garofalo, has been working at WNYW-FOX 5 News since 1998. Her tenacious reports with “FOX 5 Investigates” have earned her a reputation as an “electronic pitbull” and one of the toughest reporters in New York City.

Her hard-hitting investigations have landed con artists behind bars, uncovered corruption and exposed countless scams. Before FOX 5 News, Mary was seen nationally covering stories for the syndicated show “A Current Affair,” where she worked as a reporter and substitute anchor until the show ended. Her investigative reports have won her six Emmy awards and dozens of nominations.

The second guest is Marjorie Mikels, a practicing attorney and social justice advocate in San Bernardino County, California. She earned her J.D. from UCLA and has practiced law for twenty five years in the Inland Empire. Her community work has encompassed a wide range of issues from mounting political and legal opposition to the Ward Valley nuclear dump, to challenging illegal tax schemes, land grabs and water heists.

Download and Listen to This Sobering Interview With Marjorie Mikels and listen in to a very serious discussion that WILL forever change the way you think about this practice by a few in the 'Control Group" that is destroying thousands of families all across the nation.

Download the podcast here give it a few minutes to load at first you will hear about 30 secs of music then stay tuned for this award winning journalist and attorney Mikels excellent investigative work.

Exclusive Interview on "One if Land Two if by Sea" Click here=>>

The interview was un explainably knocked off the air and many listeners and admirers of Mary's Garafalo excellent investigating reporting were not able to tune in , however action by quick thinking technicians at KSKQ carried the day and the work is once again available in the station's archives here=>>


AskAngela said...

I was fortunate to listen to Mary's radio show, "One if By Land" last night. The stories shared by both of her guests lingered witin me the entire night last night. Needless to say, I did not sleep much. I have not had a real good nights sleep since I embarked on the devilish deeds and complete corruption by these distorted guardians, judges and attorneys a few short years ago.
So many families in termoil, so many seniors dying and losing their lively hoods. I ask myself daily,Why? How could this be happening?
Margie Mikals story was astounding. Here is a woman who was hired by her client to protect him from his exploitation and she is being deemed an abuser of her own client. She was literly removed from the case. I must say, I have uncovered alot of shocking things while diving head first into this river of corruption but this story really woke me up.
Seems to me not only seniors can be stripped of their rights as an united states citizens but anyone who is willing to help them can be stripped as well.
These stories being told are not just stories. This seems to be an epidemic through out the United States and beyond.
We as citizens of the United States need to come together as one and spread the word to anyone and everyone who will listen.
Mary's continuious stories, reports and radio shows will help inform the public as to what is happening to these elderly people and what can happen to you.
I commend Mary for her courage and for all of her hard work she is doing to uncover all of the corruption and deceat that lies within the court systems all over the United States.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to fight this battle and allow our fellow americans to live in peace without vultures hovering over them looking for their next meal.
As Always, thank you for this blog and the inspiration you have given to me in order to continue to fight for justice in my own town.
Many Blessing's

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it was CA. that it was blacked out. They don't know if it was someone that Janet has been dealing with or Marjoie Mickels, but they think it was professional hackers. I can not wait to hear it. This must have been the best yet, and someone must be afraid that Janet is going to take them down.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Janet, I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your
in depth coverage and interviews concerning an alarming problem;

Thanks, Janet and KSKQ