Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Censored Gulf news: Gulf Coaster Trail of Tears. Evacuees flee for health and safety

Parents of little Briana Frye left their Pensacola, Florida home for their health and safety. The young family was taken into the home of a Nebraskan family. After seeing what heavy metal ladened rain did to their plants, Briana's parents, Rick and Lynne Frye researched, learned about the present Gulf poisons cumulative effects, and then knew that to protect their child, they needed to leave the Gulf Coast.

Source=>> Examiner.Com

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Anonymous said...

Are you under the impression that cover-ups and smear-campaigns do not happen? Are you under the impression that such things are so far outside the realm of possibility that one need not take aggressive steps to ensure that the truth comes to light? That is all Mr. Scott (dad) is doing.

When the entire history of mankind (and, in particular, the history of the Sheriff in this case) demonstrates that those in positions of power will often abuse the authority granted to them to cover their own asses, it would be foolish for one stricken in the manner that the Scott family has been to ignore it. It is equally foolish for some members of this board to dismiss that STRONG possibility while attempting to equate watchful, law-abiding citizens who act as free men with tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory idiots.

Anonymous said...

"Bill Scott All: The www.erikbscott.com website was hacked today, precluding readers from accessing the blog and other pages. We're working to get it back up ASAP. Wonder who? Hmmm....."

Anonymous said...

So far, Metro says it has been unable to retrieve video from Costco's surveillance system. Police say hard drives containing the video have been sent to a lab in California for extraction. But they also say the incident may not have been captured at all.

Anonymous said...

Bad drives out good. Too many officers of low intelligence can make life miserable for those who are intelligent. Same thing with integrity. So now we need to be afraid of the police. Should be the other way around. Shooting people in the back is really bad form. Despicable cowards. The fact that he was given conflicting instructions is proof alone that this is an incompetent police force, the rest is just tragedy. Unfortunately, cutting the police budget will reduce the number of officers on the beat, but won’t cut the number of administrators who feel the need to show up in incident vans with helicopters.

Ray said...

I was once carrying a firearm legally put away in its case in the glovebox. I was put in jail charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

My parents at the time had to mortgage the house and spends thousands to vindicate me.

My parents can no longer protect me and my father passes away I left the US because I did not feel safe there, not from criminals BUT from the authorities and I can't handle living in either a Communist or a police state.

Where I live now legally armed citizens are treated with the upmost respect.

Those that think that the Constitution protects their right to bear arms to protect themselves or that carrying a Concealed Weapons Permit gives them a right to do so rude awakening, that is if they live to tell about it ,like I did!

We all know that American Police frown on anyone being able to defend themselves or having a firearm besides themselves and those that delude themselves into thinking they have rights under that outdated piece of paper that is called the Constitution will find out otherwise, hopefully not the same way that Erick Scott did!