Friday, September 3, 2010

Crimes Against Elderly on the Rise

Originally posted on Newswatch 16

One day after a Luzerne County woman was charged with stealing from her elderly aunt and uncle, investigators are speaking out about elder abuse.

Edwardsville Police Sergeant Hal Bond said he has seen the elderly taken advantage of time and time again. He is investigating a case right now in which a caller tried to scam a woman out thousands by telling her she won a million dollar prize. "There just seems to be more phone calls going in and more elderly people falling for the scam," said Bond.

Edwardsville is not the only police department busy with elder abuse crimes.

Marisa Harlen of Kingston was arrested Wednesday, charged with stealing more than a $100,000 from her elderly aunt and uncle.

Brando Johnson is accused by Kingston police of using her job at Kingston Commons, a nursing home, to befriend and then steal from an elderly woman and a former administrator of a personal care home in Schuylkill County was charged with taking more than $60,000 from patients' accounts and recently ordered to repay the money.

"We're seeing more and more of it. More and more cases are being reported to this office and to local police," said Luzerne County Detective Larry Fabian. He investigates elder abuse cases for Luzerne County and said these crimes seem to be on the rise, especially financial scams.

"Most of this financial exploitation is occurring with the involvement of family members and close friends of the elderly person so be very cautious." Fabian said.

Investigators are warning the elderly to be cautious about their money. They recommend talking with a financial adviser and attorney before making any major decisions and never giving out personal or financial information.

"Over the phone you give no information, you don't even give your name over the phone, is something is suspicious, call the police department" advised Bond.
Editor's note:

You got part of it right, crimes against elder abuse has been called the epidemic of the 21 century. However be advised that when you call police in a lot cases they will usually call it a 'civil matter' a 'family squabble' and turn the matter over to the Social services who will put the elder in a guardianship in a non-parte hearing, limit family contact, and assign a guardian and his/hers attorneys who will go through the money in the elder's estate like drunken sailors!

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Anonymous said...

After over a year of trying to get justice for my father-in-law the DA's office doesnt think they have enough to prosecute the person who took all of his property plus cash and left him broke, got him kicked out of the nursing home for not paying the bill, and kept the profit from the sale of his home. Not even his clothing or any personal property was returned. What else can be done to protect the elderly in Texas. It seems that no one cares when it comes down to it.