Saturday, September 11, 2010

Letter To Editor - Camp America-

An avid elder rights advocate has asked me to post the following message:

Camp America

Working group report

“Most of those residing in Camp America seem at best dully aware that there is a problem in their condition. The extensive fluoridation of the prisoners seems to have had its desired impact. Those who are still employed arise in the morning and go off to their jobs, which generally service the functioning of the Camp. Those who have lost employment are largely involved in attempting to remedy their personal loss of income, assets, etc. and pose no threat to the Camp's functioning. While there are increasing numbers of faint cries of electronic assault, our module on this seems to have worked well. The large majority of the prisoners consider these experimental subjects to be 'crazy.'

The assassinations have not gone without some attention, but our close relationship with the Camp press has resulted in little general attention paid to the peripheral rumblings and finger pointing of those relegated to the conspiracy culture.

The exterminations are causing a bit more trouble, as we predicted. There is an increasing effort afoot to organize family members of past and slated exterminations, which is causing a crisis in damage control. Several of the prime organizers have slipped out of Camp America before they could be corralled, and are now garnering increasing attention by the unembedded, remnant press. We have had prior success in persuading some media venues to dump these stories, but the organizers have become increasingly persistent and proficient in recognizing the signs of gatekeeper contamination and simply move on to more fertile pastures. The module on character assassination and attacking the morale of the organizers does not seem to have made the desired impact. Suggest a training module to restrategize.

It is the consensus of our working group that it is imperative to deflect attention away from the exterminations, lest sectors of the populace become alarmed and attempt to take redress into their own hands. The realization that one extermination program is now functional may logically lead one to the conclusion that there may be others afoot and we cannot emphasize enough that the growing amalgamation of family members of those in T-4 be squelched as quickly as possible.

We are seeing that the radicalization of the conservative element provides us a more potent challenge than does the Left. Attempts to focus the conservative element on financial issues—and thus detour around the exterminations-- have been only partially successful. The Left, as predicted, remains issue oriented to the exclusion of comprehending and addressing the larger constitutional devolution at hand.

It is the opinion of this working group that we are indeed at a crossroads. The T-4 program is not even in full swing and we are now seeing mobilizations in several states—specifically, Texas, Florida, Washington and California concerning the fate of the elderly and disabled vis a vis the state guardianship programs.. The integrity and security of the program necessitate it remain covert and unreported. We are losing control over this aspect and respectfully request a module be devoted to dealing with these developments.”

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MIRIAM777 said...

May God Bless and comfort the elderly. May He ease their pain (both physical and mental) and comfort them that they have lived a good and productive life.
That they have touched and helped so many they know and do not know by their kind hearts and deeds.

May He ease and comfort them and assist them to deal with those who do not show the respect they so richly deserve. (In particular a rude and verbally abusive neighbor who daily causes them great pain for his own selfish motives.)

May He teach those persons to value and appreciate their elders and those things that are truly important. May He Bless and give my family (and my parent's friends), the wisdom and strength to care for and protect them from harm. In Jesus name, it is decreed!

Satanism in Elderly Care Under the Guise of Funding:

See Documented elder abuse here: