Saturday, September 4, 2010

FL news release on ‘Guardianship Mafia’

Posted: 04 Sep 2010 04:11 PM PDT

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2010

Contact: Lori L. Bennett

(352) 222-3093 or

Operation Golden Gavel — Public Corruption and Interstate Racketeering: Local Judges, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies Involved

Williston, FL — Criminal complaint affidavits have been filed with local, state, and federal authorities concerning systematic public corruption in a massive ongoing interstate racketeering enterprise involving local judges, lawyers, law enforcement, department of children and family services, agency for persons with disabilities, medical professionals, and others who are using the court system as their modus operandi to systematically steal more than $8 million in assets belonging to Daniel J. Bennett and members of the Bennett family through fraudulent court actions. The racketeering began in New York, expanded to Florida, and presently involves more than 210 individuals.

Levy County Circuit Court Judge Stanley H. Griffis, III is one of the current leaders of the primary racketeering enterprise in North Central Florida. “There’s a guardianship mafia of judges and lawyers lurking in every county courthouse waiting to attack children and adults with disabilities, who have money. They’ve created a self-serving racketeering enterprise and are forcing people into fraudulent property guardianship actions, depriving them of their liberty and property without due process. Who’s next? You, your parent, your child who receives a personal injury settlement? That’s what happened to my son and our family.” comments Lori Bennett, mother of 31 year old Daniel Bennett, whose disability prevents him from speaking more than a few words.

Official court records show that, at least in this case, public officials in New York and Florida have stolen the property they were required to protect. The Bennett family is calling for a full investigation of the crimes committed against them. They question how many other guardianship cases are also fraudulent? How many other families are being victimized by the guardianship mafia? “This is a wake-up call.” continues Mrs. Bennett.

A website has been created to inform the public of this massive public corruption scandal at The Bennett’s are interviewing different law firms to see which is most qualified to file federal and state lawsuits to recover their money and property.

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