Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enviromental Abuse? Mass Kill On the Water

Louisiana-Florida,Gulf Coast News

This isn't an asphalt road. It's a massive "fish kill" in a waterway in coastal Louisiana.

Because we are an independent blogger and not a News Organization we do not feel we are subject to the News Blackout on the Gulf with the threat of $40,000 fine for each infraction and the possibility of felony arrests.We have family,friends living in the Florida Panhandle and feel our obligation to pass on the reports coming out of the gulf through independent channels.
A few short years back we warned that time was short and that soon events would happen that would eclipse our efforts to reform Elder Control Protection Laws, I am afraid that those days are now here and because conventional news sources have to toe the line for political reasons many times under threats of heavy fines we feel compelled to report the news as they are reported to us.....

As you well know and have been informed by the major news organization the oil well has been capped, most of the oil has disappeared and seafood is safe to eat . We understand that reports of massive fish kills and people getting sick are purely coincidential and more testing is needed before coming to any conclusions.
Methane is now streaming through the porous, rocky seabed at an accelerated rate and gushing from the borehole of the first relief well. The EPA is on record that Rig #1 is releasing methane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases. Workers there now wear advanced protection including state-of-the-art, military-issued gas masks.

Reports, filtering through from oceanologists and salvage workers in the region, state that the upper level strata of the ocean floor is succumbing to greater and greater pressure. That pressure is causing a huge expanse of the seabed-estimated by some as spreading over thousands of square miles surrounding the BP wellhead-to bulge. Some claim the seabed in the region has risen an astounding 30 feet.

The fractured BP wellhead, site of the former Deepwater Horizon, has become the epicenter of frenetic attempts to quell the monstrous flow of methane.

The subterranean methane is pressurized at 100,000 pounds psi. According to Matt Simmons, an oil industry expert, the methane pressure at the wellhead has now skyrocketed to a terrifying 40,000 pounds psi.

Another well-respected expert, Dr. John Kessler of Texas A&M University has calculated that the ruptured well is spewing 60 percent oil and 40 percent methane. The normal methane amount that escapes from a compromised well is about 5 percent.

More evidence? A huge gash on the ocean floor—like a ragged wound hundreds of feet long—has been reported by the NOAA research ship, Thomas Jefferson. Before the curtain of the government enforced news blackout again descended abruptly, scientists aboard the ship voiced their concerns that the widening rift may go down miles into the earth.

That gash too is hemorrhaging oil and methane. It’s 10 miles away from the BP epicenter. Other, new fissures, have been spotted as far as 30 miles distant.

Measurements of the multiple oil plumes now appearing miles from the wellhead indicate that as much as a total of 124,000 barrels of oil are erupting into the Gulf waters daily-that’s about 5,208,000 gallons of oil per day.

Most disturbing of all: Methane levels in the water are now calculated as being almost one million times higher than normal. [7]

Mass death on the water

Some environmentalist experts are calling what’s pouring into the land, sea and air from the seabed breach ’a chemical cocktail of poisons.’

Areas of dead zones devoid of oxygen are driving species of fish into foreign waters, killing plankton and other tiny sea life that are the foundation for the entire food chain, and polluting the air with cancer-causing chemicals and poisonous rainfalls.

Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” (VIDEO)


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