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Extreme Warning: Your Water Might be Poisoned !

By *Mary Sparrowdancer

The Mosaic Company is one of the largest phosphate fertilizer mining operations on earth. From its phosphate fertilizer, Mosaic then "scrubs," removes and captures toxic fluorides along with other pollutants and radioactive wastes found in phosphate rock that has no use by the fertilizer industry. This gaseous slurry that contains fluoride is then distributed and sold throughout North America, largely by the Lucier Company. It is sold to our municipal waterworks companies to be used as "water fluoridation," which is another chemical experiment.

The production of "water fluoridation" from phosphate fertilizer waste materials is a highly profitable, very dependable, but relatively unknown branch of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Common sense will lead one to understand why this profitable and ever-expanding operation throughout theUS is not openly and proudly advertised: Many people are now aware of and opposed to the "fluoridation" lie, but have no voice. Further investigation of why Mosaic is keeping quiet reveals another chemical experiment now conducted on 70% of the US, who have no choice but to submit to their tap water.

An article written by George Glasser, who is a respected investigative environmental journalist, further explains. Although this slurry used in water fluoridation is referred to as "fluoride," it is actually much more. "The product is not 'fluorine' or 'fluoride' as proponents state," Mr. Glasser writes. "It is a pollution concentrate. Fluorine is only one captured pollutant comprising [about 19% to] 23% of the total product," Mr. Glasser writes. Included in the concentrate making up the remaining percentage is whatever else that is not desired by the fertilizer industry, including polonium and other deadly agents.
The municipal waterworks folks have been led to believe that fluorides became something suddenly needed by the human body after the Atomic Bomb Era when fluoride wastes became ubiquitous in the US. The municipalities then add this slurry into our drinking water. Various officials claim that we all need to drink this chemical to prevent cavities in our teeth whether we want it or not, or whether we even have teeth or are as edentulous (i.e., toothless) as the many "optimally fluoridated" people of Kentucky now are. The people of Kentucky have been "optimally fluoridated" at almost 100% for a long time. They have won government awards for being "optimally fluoridated," but those award-winning folks now have one of the highest rates of dental cavities and toothlessness in the US, perhaps because fluoride is known to cause and exacerbate periodontal disease. It has never been found to prevent cavities. Boiling fluoridated water increases the concentration of the fluoride; freezing it does nothing to remove the fluoride. Bathing in fluoridated water it results in dermal absorption.

It is unknown whether the municipal waterworks "officials" perform their own assays on each new shipment of pollutants they purchase from the phosphate fertilizer industry and distributors. Assays would be the only way of determining what else in addition to fluoride, including polonium, is in the tank before disposing of it on behalf of the fertilizer industry into our drinking water. Each shipment contains a unique percentage of pollutants and levels of radioactivity. Concerned lawyers reading this should note that if the municipal "authorities" are not performing individual assays on each shipment of "fluorides," then they can and should be held liable for breaking standing laws by deliberately contaminating public drinking water with unknown pollutants. This is now classified as an act of terrorism. It should also be known that testing should not be done by common Ion Specific Electrodes that only detect the presence of fluoride but cannot accurately report elevated levels. The far more sophisticated test is forensic Ion Chromatography, which gives accurate reading levels of fluoride. At this time, therefore, it is doubtful that most know what level of fluoride waste is being placed in our drinking water or how much is coming out of our taps.

Unlike other chemical pharmaceuticals, no physician will ever check the public citizen who is drinking deliberately contaminated water to see whether he or she is having any detrimental, allergic reactions to their "fluoride" treatment, because professional follow-up services were never a part of the national fluoride treatment plan. The individual and entire household never really received a prescription for their lifelong, daily dosing of fluoride in the first place. No physician would prescribe a life-long chemical pharmaceutical medication and then have no medical follow-up plans to make sure that the patient was doing well on their "medication."

We are being medicated by politicians, corporate presidents, directors, and CEOs whose main concern is making money. The CDC, which is a pharmaceutical propaganda mouthpiece, has pronounced water fluoridation as one of the "Ten Great Public Health Achievements" during the 1900s, which is true in a sinister sort of way. Those who are being forced to drink the fluoride wastes are not the ones benefiting from this "great achievement." Fluoridation is a "great achievement" for the corporations selling it, and then fluoridation becomes a "great achievement" for the pharmaceutical industry, which is the largest, most profitable industry in the US. The pharmaceutical industry reaps benefits from fluoridation by treating the resulting national symptoms.

Most physicians have no training regarding fluoride's systemic effects and symptoms. This is despite the fact that virtually all patients now are contaminated with fluoride toxins from water, air, processed foods, fluorinated drugs, dental retardation activities, teas, beverages, wine, grapes, raisins, household cleansers, floor wax, Scotchguard, Stainmaster, insecticides, pesticides, Teflon-coated pans, food packaging, plastics and toothpastes.

Fluoride has been known since the 1930s in Germany to block thyroid function. Some of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning include depression, behavioral problems, aggression, weight gain, aches, pains, tendon/muscle rupture, severe kidney problems, skeletal problems, erectile dysfunction, visual problems, muscle spasms and twitches, connective tissue damage, cancer, heart problems, lung problems, premature aging because of collagen breakdown, declining IQ, severe GERD, mental confusion, gum disease, tooth rot, and Barrett's esophagus, etc. It has been known for years that fluoride forms concretions in the pineal gland, located within the brain. It affects every part of the body because it is a systemic poison, not a nutrient as the propaganda mouthpieces continue to claim. The effect of fluoride on kidney patients is so severe that the use of water containing elevated fluoride levels during dialysis has resulted in patient deaths.

Despite the fact that the Mosaic company keeps a rather low profile, they have shown their own unconscionable activities carried out for money. According to the Miami Herald, St. Petersburg crabber Howard Curd's crab fishing grounds in Tampa Bay were "killed off when HurricaneFrances blew out a retaining wall at a phosphate pit that spewed acidic water into the bay. The fertilizer company, Mosaic, persuaded a trial court and an appeals court that Curd and other fishermen couldn't sue because they didn't own the seafood that was potentially killed, so they weren't technically damaged."

Curd said, "'Crabbing in the bay is bouncing back, but the BP spill is depressing seafood sales even though the oil is nowhere near the western coast of Florida.' He's prepared to sue BP, but harbors no illusions about facing a big corporation in court."
Curd further said, "They've got all the money, and all the attorneys and all the experts on retainer. It really doesn't cost them anything. It's like it's cheaper to pay their attorneys and fight in court than paying the money to people they hurt and doing the right thing."
Another director Nalco is J. Erik Fyrwald, Nalco's CEO, and President. According to Nalco, Mr. Fyrwald is also on the Board of Directors of Eli Lilly and Co., and was Group Vice President of DuPont's "Agriculture and Nutrition" division, a division name that might qualify as an oxymoron to anyone who knows anything about nutrition and the current state of the US petrochemical, agricultural industry.

Also among Nalco's board members is Richard Friedman. According to Bloomberg, Mr. Friedman is the head of Goldman Sachs, as well as on the board of trustees of New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, to which he recently gave $20 million for the creation of the Friedman Brain Institute, according to the Wall Street Journal. It should be noted that if one has acute fluoride poisoning in NYC, you cannot have your urine tested for fluoride anywhere in New York or surrounding areas. Your urine will have to be FedExed out of New York to a remote forensic lab for ion chromatography fluoride testing. (Perhaps the Friedman Brain Institute can look into those somewhat troubling pineal gland concretions.)

Also on the board of Nalco is Daniel Sanders. According to Forbes, Mr. Sanders is the former President of ExxonMobil Chemical Company.
Also onboard Nalco is Rodney Frank Chase. According to Bloomberg's, Mr. Chase has been a senior advisor of Lehman Brothers, as well as former Deputy Group Chief Executive of BP, Managing Director, and CEO of BP Finance International.

Also among the list of directors on Nalco is Mary Margaret VanDeWeghe. According to various sources, Ms. VanDeWeghe has been a high-ranking executive with the Lockheed Martin Corporation. Lockheed Martin emerged after a fusion between Lockheed and Martin Marietta. According to the Lockheed website the corporation is the world's "leading provider of safety-critical nuclear instrumentation & control (I&C) systems for commercial and DoD customers for over 50 years." It now owns several Superfund sites that were at some point contaminated with chemicals. One is near Columbine, where a massacre happened. Another is in Paducah, near another school massacre. We do not know what the chemicals are doing to us.

Also on Nalco's board is Carl M. Casale. Most of us have probably never heard of Carl Casale, but a closer look at corporate affiliations and a comparison of photos indicates that Mr. Carl M. Casale is also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Monsanto.

In 2005, the EPA and DuPont settled a lawsuit in which the EPA charged DuPont with knowing about the dangers of C8 (perfluorooctanoic acid, another form of fluoride used in the production of Teflon), contaminating a town's drinking water with it and keeping quiet for approximately 20 years. According to the EWG, this hiding allowed "DuPont more than two decades of multi-hundred million dollar annual profits, while guaranteeing contamination of the entire planet with Teflon [fluoride] chemicals, now recognized as persistent global pollutants that nearly universally pollute human blood."

In 2006, BP announced that it was forming a partnership with DuPont in order to create new biofuels. In 2006, Monsanto announced it was going to create a genetically modified (GM) soybean that would have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Health markets were newly and increasingly profitable for omega-3 products. The primary source of the omega-3 fatty acids had been the menhaden, but Monsanto warned that fish populations were being depleted, and that a more renewable, land-based source of omega-3 fatty acid was needed for our good health. Monsanto said their new GM omega-3 soybeans should be ready by about 2010 or 2011. Monsanto then partnered with Solae, which is primarily owned by DuPont, to bring about new GM soybeans.

"Soy beans represent a renewable, land-based source of omega-3s," said Jerry Steiner, Executive Vice President of Monsanto (Sustainability & Corporate Affairs).

According to a 2007 article in Food, "Consumer awareness of the health benefits of omega-3 has sky-rocketed in recent years as the scientific evidence stacks up. Industry experts predict that the market for omega-3 products could be worth as much as $7bn by 2011. But concerns over the sustainability of fish sources, as well as the amount of fish oil available to the nutrition industry as demand for crude fish oil from the aquaculture industry increases." Indeed, this same article goes on to state, "The problem with plant sources like flax, however, is that they yield upALA, a shorter chain fatty acid which is less bioavailable for humans than DHA and EPA, of which fish is the best source. This was the spur for Monsanto and Solae/Dupont to embark on their respective R&D [Research and Development] projects."

At the end of May, 2010, an article in the Chemical and Engineering News carried the following headline: "Gulf Oil Spill Boosts Nalco Sales," and then stated, "Water treatment firm Nalco has told investors that it expects sales of dispersants used in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill will have reached $40 million by May 21."

In June, 2010, announced, "Omega-3 is 'among the most successful functional ingredients ever, with sales of omega-3 ingredients destined for processed foods undented by the global economic turndown,' according to Euromonitor." According to a Monsanto press release dated July 10, 2010, food companies are now testing a new product: "Soymega, the world's first SDA (stearidonic acid) soybean oil, is making it easier for food companies to incorporate more omega-3s into a variety of products." The press release also states, "SDA soybean oil is the result of a collaboration project between Solae and Monsanto Company." The downside of this is that many people feel that the consumption of GM foods, as well as r-BGH/r-BST dairy are more chemical experiments with end-results unknown. The "r" in rBST stands for "recombinant." Monsanto sold its bovine growth hormone to Eli Lilly in 2008, indicating perhaps that Monsanto was giving up on its long battle trying to convince the consumer that engineered dairy was "identical" to non-rBST dairy. The public literally was not buying it.

This tells us how powerful we, as consumers, actually are. We are more powerful than monopolies. Our first line of business at this moment is to call for a moratorium on all "menhaden reduction" fishing activities so that the menhaden can be allowed to replenish their population and act as the oceans' natural filters, and thus increase the world's declining oxygen levels. The earth, in fact, might depend on this act. If the government will not step up and realize it must regulate and protect this important fish, then we consumers can stand up and avoid all menhaden products until the little fish makes a powerful comeback. Then we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Choose another type of fatty fish for omega-3s. .

Our second line of business will require the help of lawyers. We need to sue the hell out of the municipal waterworks companies until they stop putting fluoride wastes and other unknown toxic pollutants into our drinking water. Those responsible for doing this should know they are going to be held criminally accountable for deliberately adding pollutants into drinking water. According to the Nuremberg Code, Directives for Human Experimentation, the first code states: "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential." This has never happened. Number 10 states: "During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe . . . the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject." We now have probable cause.

*Mary Sparrowdancer is an investigative journalist and author of two best-selling books, English versions of which are currently sold-out. German and Japanese versions remain available. She is of Narragansett/Five Nations, Irish and Italian descent, and was born near Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. She and her children live in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. Her training was in laboratory sciences including bacteriology, microscopic analysis, veterinary sciences and ornithology.

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