Friday, September 3, 2010

Resistance May Be Futile - Police Use Tasers Against Elderly Citizens

Excessive Force - Police Use Tasers Against Elderly Citizens With Dementia

"They did a commendable job in using a minimal amount of force"

A quote from the detective himself when an 87 year old woman with dementia was shot by police with a taser gun and died.

When 87 year old Phyllis Owens returned home from the hospital she was suffering from dementia. In addition she wore a pacemaker for her heart.

Hearing noises outside her home at approximately 2:30 PM she picked up a gun and waved it at a construction worker asking him what he was doing there "that time of night."

Terrified of an obviously confused little old lady waving a gun, the construction worker called police who was successful in talking her into putting down the gun. When she picked it up once again the taser was used on her.

Sadly, Mrs Owens died that evening.

After her death it was found that her "gun" was not a real gun after all - just a pellet gun.

A Doctor from the state medical examiners office said, "Owens had a history of heart disease and that was the cause of death."

Not So Surprising; when Journalists showed up, they were ordered to leave.

"A Commendable Job In Using A Minimal Amount of Force,"

on an 87 year old lady with Dementia?


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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this story with your blog readers. There are too many of these taser-related deaths occurring in America.

My prayers for the family of Mrs. Owens. May she rest in peace.

peace, Villager