Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clara's 92 yrs old.- Property is Auctioned on the Courthouse Steps

by Ray Fernandez

My parents property was auctioned off on October 21st 2008 on the courthouse steps in Charlotte County,Florida.

When Clara's forced court appointed Guardian was installed on July 8th 2007 the responsibility of paying bills was taken away from me and I have never ever made a late payment on utilities or the mortgage looking to safeguard my mother's here to A-1 credit, now late fees of $74.00 would become the norm as payments were routinely made late causing utilities and water to be cut off for several days at a time and late fees and penalties to rack up considerably .

Attorney Donald E. Yates was given the mandate by the court of marshaling the "Ward" assets and paying her bills ,caring for her. Unfortunately for Clara in my opinion he was derelict in fulfilling his duties and failed to pay her real estate taxes on her homestead or on any other property.

The responsible parties neglected to pay the Real Estate Taxes on her property, this triggered the tax deed sale on the courthouse steps, and the sale of a tax certificate on her homestead in Key West,Florida.

The Guardianship did manage to marshall $62, 357.00 with over 90% converted over to attorney fees and less than 7% went directly through third parties for the direct benefit of the "Ward" for medicine and food.

This is the winning bid of $3,310. What stroke us as particularly tragic was the huge number of people that are losing their property because of not being able to pay their property taxes.

There were quite a number of investors, and because of the current financial crisis America is truly "ON SALE" this presents quite a opportunity for domestic and foreign investors.

I explained to the other bidders that this was my mothers property that was being lost because the person in charge failed to pay taxes, and because of the sentimental value , I would like to buy it back and they abstained from bidding allowing me to place the winning bid for cents on the dollar of the true worth of the property.

The irony of this is that my father and mother bought this lot as an investment in America back in June of 1983 and spent the next 15 years making payment on this property. I remenber more than once when my father would pack us in the car and drive that long drive across Alligator Alley to the West coast of Florida to look at the property.

I remember that proud look in his eye of having bought a piece of America, the same America that would betray him in his later years, and hold a fire sale with everything that was ever dear to him.

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This is the Original Warranty Deed when my parents made the investment in 1983. It is ironic that I was able to puchase the property for fraction of what he paid for it 24 years ago and after having made payments on it for 15 years!

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