Monday, October 20, 2008

Task Force on the Judicial Branch Planning

Dr. Robert Sarhan, Maritza Torrent ,Sharon Smith, Alicia Rook, Angela Woodhull are some of our readers who have been victimized by the Probate courts guardianship system and have recently met with a panel of Judges from the Florida Supreme court and asked us to post this important message:

If you have been a victim of Guardianship Fraud, or your attorney has lied and mislead you and caused you harm and your pleas for help and or justice have fallen on deaf ears.

For more information contact: Steve Henley Senior Court Operations ConsultantOffice of the State Courts Administrator
Steve Henley Senior Court Operations Consultant 850-488-6569

Individuals and organizations are also invited to submit written comments, which will be accepted through Nov. 1. Comments may be sent to:

Task Force on the Judicial Branch Planning
Office of the State Courts Administrator
Strategic Planning
Florida Supreme Court
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1900

In the hearing in Ft Myers, Florida on October 16, 2008 Robert Sarhan, MD and Alicia Rook spoke to the following members of the task force:

Judge John Thorton from Tallahassee
Judge G. Keith Cary
Judge Margaret Steinbeck
Judge John Duryea

In the meeting we spoke in front of the panel and small audience of approximately 15. Robert Sarhan, MD spoke about the fraudulent activities taking place in these guardianship cases.

A serious matter of concern is the fact that all these cases have illegal conflicts of interest and in many cases 99% of the time the Guardianships were ordered without need as in all these cases there were family members who are able to step up to the plate.

After going to Miami Dade Corruptions unit, the State Attorney, the Attorney General, the Governor, the Florida Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission, no one would help and we now know that this is basically a closed system with little being done to protect elders and their families from financial exploitation.

We previously met with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart and Lincoln Diaz Balart who are well aware of the problem and are in a position to open a Congressional Investigation into these alleged abuses of power that prey on the elderly and their families for financial gain but they rather chose to ignore the problem.

We explained to the commission that is clear that the Judges could do a lot more to protect the elderly in these crimes against humanity that destroy so many families and rob the elderly and their families of their legacy, it is clear that there are Guardianship laws in place to protect elders and their families but they are not being followed.

We are well aware that this is a multi billion dollar business reaching epidemic proportions throughout this country and believe the Judiciary , Attorneys and Guardians are out of control and therefore Forced Guardianship cases when there are less restrictive means must be ABOLISHED from our court system.

The elderly have not committed crimes and therefore should not lose their Civil Rights under any circumstances. We believe the Supreme Court now has heard these crimes from others throughout these hearings and they acknowledge there is problem and we hope with your letters to them, they will be forced to take action and stop the feeding trough for attorneys that this cases have become.

The Tristani case, The Hayes Case, The Torrent Case, the Karim Bramson Case, The Sarhan Cases, The Fernandez case all of the elderly people have been heavily medicated, isolated and wealth plundered, they are vilified so that they are un able to fight back or speak up and by chemically restraining the elderly and in my case Yvonne Sarhan we pray that she will survive these despicable acts while the State of Florida turns a blind eye.

The Guardian Vicki Brail, Dr Steven Kaplan, the attorneys involved, Judge Arthur Rothenberg and now Judge Muir now residing on this case, allow the abuse to continue against my mother, Yvonne Sarhan and have failed misreably to properly investigate these abuses.

There must be more Judicial accountability in these horrendous cases of Elderly Exploitation.

Alicia Rook also spoke about how the system fails to protect these vulnerable elders with no accountability and little oversight.

The massive amounts of money that are charged our families is abusive and criminal in nature and can not go on.

AT the end of the hearing, Dr. Sarhan handed each of the panel a business card and pleaded for immediate help. He went one step further and handed Judge Thorton a legal brief to show the corruption in his case with a copy of “The Elderly Abuse and Guardianship Victims Taskforce for Change of 2008". Alicia Rook handed copies of each of our cases to the panel. We ask of anyone who read this to please voice your opinions to the address above A.S.A.P. Thank You Very Much

Robert Sarhan, MD
(305) 338-6160

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