Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They are forcing my Children on Seroquel: It's all About Greed and they are causing irreversible damage

Seroquel is a very dangerous drug for anyone at any age.

My adult daughter takes Seroquel for insomnia also and it is has altered her mind state to the point that she now suffers from drug induced psychosis which caused permanent damage to her brain. She is having heart problems now as well.

My 10 yr old grandson was placed in foster care and CPS doctors diagnosed him with 20 or more different mental disorders and is forced to take 15 different medications. The foster parents get paid $20,000 per month by the state to care for him and the CPS gets a lot of money also to keep him in state foster care. The foster parent has 3 other kids all with the same exact diagnosis as my grandson and she gets same amount for their care as well. She gets a total of $80,000 per month for 4 children plus financial incentives to keep them drugged up.

It's all about the money - GREED. Very sad that doctors and government employees, courts and others who stand to profit are allowed to "cause" irreversible mental illnesses and other physical/medical damage all for the sake of financial bonuses and incentives from the pharma industry.

Our elderly and children are most vulnerable and what this system is doing to them is unforgivable.

I am in process of filing formal complaint with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

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Forget about being a Rock star or MTV the elderly and infirm, this is where the money is to be made and you are very right in regards to what they are doing to the most vulnerable segment of our society under the guise of protecting them it is unforgivable! The stink of their greed will be the downfall and if citizens remain quiet about this holocaust right under their noses they will have no right to complaint when tragedy comes knocking at their door.

Agencies like ACLU no longer advocate for civil rights of the elderly under G'ship as they have no rights, neither do children or parents whose children have become cash cows for public servants sanctioned by the state all in the name of the new god, GREED! Public agencies have become callused and indifferent to the suffering of the people they pretend to protect.

I am sorry about the suffering you are having to endure seeing your own children poisoned by the drugs that are killing them, albeit slowly. It is indeed a sad day in America when people are having to leave their country in order to escape the tyrannical reach of their government into their personal lives and that of their children, fathers, grandfathers.

Under the failing economy people who are not able to produce anything of value will be using your children, grandchildren,parents as hostages under the guise of protecting them, they will seem respectable and wear ties, and titles but underneath they are the tyrannical stooges, the highly paid servants of the New World Order.

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