Monday, October 13, 2008

Kingstree Police, SC keeps Seniors Safe

KingTree,South Carolina,USA submitted by E L Malone

KINGSTREE — Kingstree resident and retiree Pat Gillman enjoys gardening, but on Wednesday as she fought a weed that’s killing her fig tree, her work was interrupted by a welcome visitor.

The visitor was Kingstree Police Lt. Melvin Daniels, who greeted her with a hearty handshake and began to chat with her about painting, drawing and the love each shares for art.

He wasn’t paying her a visit because of any criminal activity. Rather, it’s because he wants to show police care about the town’s senior residents.

The department implemented a senior resident visitation program this year as a way to make sure older residents are safe.

News about the program spread quickly through Kingstree by word of mouth, he said.

Nine months later, Daniels is the primary officer responsible for visiting the 32 seniors in the program.

“Everyday I come in here, the chief gives me another name,” Daniels said. “It just keeps growing. The mayor, he even gave me name. We are really ecstatic about it because it’s giving back to the seniors a little bit of what they have given us all these years.”

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I would like to extend my thanks to Police Chief Robert Ford and Police Kingstree SC for their efforts to keep their seniors safe.

I am a senior and a resident of Florida and have many senior family members in SC. Unfortunately my brother, a senior in another county in SC, was a victim of Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation. It has been over four years of a continuing struggle for justice for my brother (deceased) and closure for my family. It seems to me I am no closer to accomplishing that than when it started so many years ago.

Very sad indeed for those seniors that fall victim when some other elected and appointed officials do NOT feel it is important to help protect and provide some justice for them.

Hopefully, at some time in the future the events surrounding my brother will be addressed by the State of South Carolina.

Kingstree SC Police Dept. efforts like yours gives me a glimmer of hope that someday ALL seniors and the vulnerable will be protected and receive justice. Perhaps then, families will no longer have to suffer needlessly as mine has done.

E L Malone

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Rebecca Bradford said...

Chief Ford, Lt. Daniels and Cpl. Hamlet are a true blessing to the Town of Kingstree. Our local senior citizens are blessed to have such a caring, compassionate and dedicated support system.