Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nursing Home Residents Killed Because They Were Difficult to Deal With

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Chicago, Illinois USA

A state report issued after there were six mysterious deaths at a Chicago, Illinois nursing home shows that the deaths may not have been mercy killings. The report indicates that the nursing home residents were killed because they were too difficult to deal with. The shocking report shows that the nurse talked openly of sedating or giving overdoses of drugs to patients who were either difficult to handle or who had lived long enough. The nurse in question has been charged with criminal neglect and possession of a controlled substance and her supervisor has been also been charged. Attorney Steve Levin stated that, “Other nurses had been reproving to the administration that the nurse under investigation was acting in strange and unusual ways and the administration ignored, if no encouraged, her actions.”


We know this is going on behind closed doors, Reporter and Radio Talk Host Janet Phelan who was forced to leave the country because she knew too much talked about it in the Probate Murders, Series we know about Dr. Robert Sarhan , and we know about Corinne Branson and about Dr. Vernon Sinn whose court sanctioned looters could not wait until he was dead to loot his Estate and countless others too many to mention all here

This practice that is swept under the carpet, this is going on under the noses of probate court and judges who look the other way or are easily mislead by greedy attorneys who twist and lie in order to line their own pockets with the sweat equity of our elders.

It is scandalous and shameful practice, however ignoring it does not make it go away, stories like these that broke the news a few days ago are rather common and EA is printing it to illustrate the depths of the depravity to which we have sunk.

Collectively we no longer have a conscience, we have court sanctioned looting of assets that have taken a lifetime to build by people who produce nothing but only take and un able to produce anything of value they loot obscene fees from the equity of others who are disabled sick or infirm without missing a beat, not even batting an eye when they convert the social security earnings of elders who depend on it for their very survival in order to justify their own legal fees.

But there is no outrage, only deafening silence, there can not be outrage from people that no longer have a conscience.

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