Monday, October 20, 2008

Psychiatric Abuse - It's a Crime and a Human Rights Violation

In this post, the blogger says (s)he is filing a complaint with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. But (s)he does not indicate his/her name or anything. I would be interested in reviewing the complaint, since I work for that organization. Would you please pass on this message and my e-mail address to him/her?


Steve Wagner

Director of Litigation & ProsecutionCitizens Commission on Human Rights


Dear Mr. Wagner;
Support groups and APS agencies often claim to protect the victims of abuse, sadly this is not always the case and many readers who write to us do so anonymously because victims sometimes have court cases pending and are afraid of retaliation if they speak out against the injustices committed against them in the name of justice and rightly so.

I will gladly post your letter, your link, and E mail address and hope that him/her will contact you along with the many other victims of blatant civil rights violations that are documented here on this blog.

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