Saturday, October 11, 2008

Please, America , We Need Your Help!

Fifty years ago, as the wife of a USAF active duty military man and a young mother, would I have believed I would read and now know from personal experience in my family issues regarding ELDER ABUSE, NEGLECT and EXPLOITATION.

I would never have believed that any people that came to this country as in my family, helped lay the foundation that enabled this to be the country, America, would suffer from a pandemic known as ELDER ABUSE in the year 2008, my 70th year.

Now I think, what will America be for generations that follow? If it is alright to KILL and/or ABUSE,NEGLECT and EXPLOIT these people and apparently many think it is, the answer is very obvious.Some may ask, why spout GLOOM and DOOM?

Well, it cannot be denied that it is happening! Do we not have a RIGHT to know WHY anyone suffers ELDER ABUSE? WHY THIS UNEQUAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA? And WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT IT? We as a nation MUST DEMAND ANSWERS and INSIST ELDER ABUSE BE STOPPED! Please.



Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your wisdom and innermost thoughts, it is truly deplorable that it has come to this.
How long can public servants who forgotten who they work for afford to keep making enemies? The discontent is palpable,he distrust is rampant, when will they wake up and realize that America can ill afford to make enemies of their own people?

Kim said...

I have been asking all of these same questions. I am so sorry that you have had to go through the abuse that our evil govenment and its appointed have been allowed to hand out, all for the name of greed.

There are so many out here who are going through this type of hell, and it has to stop.