Monday, October 13, 2008

Let Everyone Know! - Murder Has Now Become Legalized!


Please let everyone know. I took my mother's guardianship that commenced in the wrong venue with many other Chapter 744 abuses and errors up to the 5th DCA court of appeals.

On July 21, 2008 my mother was given an overdose of morphine sulphate which caused cardiac arrest (her death). NOW the court of appeals, 5th DCA, has dismissed my challenge of the guardianship saying that since my mother is dead, the point is "moot." However, until a personal representative is appointed, the guardian still has my mother's money which should have gone to me by now because the accounts were POD/ITF to me.

I'm think of going on the the Florida Supreme Court because if all they have to do is kill the "ward" in order to cover up their wrongdoings, then murder has now become "legalized."

Please let everyone know about this. Would appreciate any useful advice on how to proceed.

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