Friday, July 27, 2007

Contractor Rips Off 88yr Old Lady in Florida Gets Away with it !

How much was Clara down on this , $12,000.00
How much was Clara out on this, not only the 7,000.00 but much more because the membrane, applied on the one day he did show up with some seemingly questionable workers with smell of alcohol, and improperly installed the membrane that had to be redone at nearly double the price, because of cost of having covered up rotten plywood that all had to be taken up now, in order to find and replace the rotten, plywood covering.
The contractor also did not bother to get any permits as agreed in the contract.
Bad break for a 88 yrs old!!

When I looked this contractor up, in the local courthouse records , he is one of those guys that has so many complaints filed , that you really don't think one more is going to make any difference! and you walk away in disgust, but what makes this more disgusting is that this is being done to an Elder an an Elder's money is irrepleaceable as most elders have no means of making this up. This should fall under the category of Elder Financial Abuse and be prosecuted accordingly.

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