Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Five Young Girls Found Dead -When Authorities Don't do Their Job Innocent People Die

Serial Killer Should Have Been deported

In 1990, he was charged with the violent rape of his 16-year-old half sister; a charge which was later changed to incest, for which he served a minimal 2 month jail sentence, during which he had to undergo therapy. During therapy, when he was again diagnosed as having an “extremely problematic” personality, it is considered that the authorities were negligent in not recognizing the danger. He was only classified as a level I, or low risk sex offender.

Following his jail sentence, Adhahn worked in the food industry, for American Nicheri Food and as travelling delivery man for Pizza Hut.

His next conviction was for intimidation with a deadly weapon in 1992. This, being his second conviction ought to have resulted in Adhahn being deported to Thailand, though because of legal technicalities like not regarding incest as a felony, merely a “crime of moral turpitude”, it would take a second offence to effect deportation.

During the period 1986 to 2006, at least 5 girls disappeared, presumed abducted in the Tacoma area. Most of these girls were later found dead. However, it was with the abduction of the latest victim, Zina Linnik, that the police and FBI dragnet began to suspect Adhahn’s involvement in a series of abduction-murders.

Zina disappeared on July 4, abducted by an individual in a grey van, according to witnesses. The van’s owner, Adhahn, was identified following further evidence given by witnesses, including some of the numbers on the number plate. On searching Adhahn’s home, incriminating evidence in the form of girl's underwear, among other things, was discovered. Adhahn was subsequently arrested by U.S. Department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement as an immigration violation suspect

One of the most deplorable factors in this and other cases, according to interested parties, is the lack of intercommunication between the various authorities involved and the failure to identify potential offenders, which could well pre-empt further cases of this nature. Adhahn’s case continues to be under investigation.

When are we as a society going to get our acts together and realize that these freaks can not be part of society? When are we going to demand that our government do its duty and ensure that these kinds of people are not running our streets?

It is time to hold the perverts and the judges as well as the rest of the government 100% accountable for their acts.

When are we going to start to get tough on child molesters, elder abusers and their enablers in government.

Who Are Public Agency Investigators Protecting: The Neglected Or The Perpetrators?

Comments by B.D. edited for E.A.

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