Friday, July 13, 2007

I Have Covertly and Overtly Been Terrorized and Abused Physically, Mentally and Financially


Since I moved to Florida I have become aware of many retired parents that tell the same sad story of their abusive children.

In my case, I have covertly and overtly been terrorized and abused physically, mentally and financially by my x-wife my children and the ethnic group that I married into. Some have committed more abuse than others but all are complicit.

I would love to tell my story because it would read like a novel, however my son who is now a multimillionaire because of the theft of my business and my other son who is married to a lawyer puts me in a position of being put through a nuisance law suit that I can't afford to fight.

Also my wife who came to this country as a DP from Estonia in 1950 raised my children to be more Estonian than US citizens. These people are fiercely nationalistic. There actions against me and my wife at family affairs and weddings are atrocious. It borders on Mafia.

There is a saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle", my wife raise a bunch of entitled kids that feel they are owed what they haven't earned and not wait for their inheritance. Unfortunately I find this to be the case with many of my friends.

There needs to be a forum where this can be brought out into the open.

E-mail: withheld

Dear George;

Sorry to hear that you are going through hell on earth, that's is not what old age is supposed to be about in this country, but I can identify with what your are going through as I saw my father die a slow death terrorized by attempted home invasions, by people who claimed to have obtained a deed to our house by drugging and forcing my mother to sign a Quit Claim Deed.

These people were constantly pounding on the door terrorizing my father, and with the continually filing of false DCF reports that are filed every three months, my father continually lived under the fear of being taken away.

My older brother under the protection of the state, he is a social worker, under the guise of her being abused, took the law into his own hand and forcibly removed my mother Clara, she has told the story to numerous Doctors,Psychiatrists, to anyone that would listen to no avail.

She has given up and now refuses to talk about it, and has chosen to forget and to quiet resignation, but constantly talks in her sleep about her ordeal. She has been diagnosed with Post Stress Syndrome.

Many abusers feel emboldened by their ability to get away with this kind of behavior and even gloat about it. See recent article 'Narcissist as Slanderer'

Here at E.A. we have a forum to bring this into the open that is read by the Senate Special Committee on Aging and other influential members in Washington.

By continuing to expose this problem we hope that more steps will be taken to protect people like you from the Domestic Terrorism that many elders are exposed to and that goes unnoticed and under the radar.


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