Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Santa Rosa: Woman Sentenced For Robbing, Beating Elderly Man

Santa Ana,California, A woman who befriended a Rohnert Park family was sentenced to nearly 12 years in prison this morning for robbing and beating the family's 79-year-old grandfather in his home last month.

The victim, Jack Smuck, told Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Rene Chouteau the attack in his bedroom on June 1 by Chrisdee Lynn Burk "was like a bat that leaped on me, a black shadowy form" and he said he fought Burk for 25 minutes before he gave up. He suffered fractured eye sockets and a cheekbone and cuts on his arms.

Burk, 30, who once dated Smuck's grandson, hit Smuck in the head, tied him up, put a blanket over his head, stole jewelry and fled in Smuck's 2007 Buick. She was arrested at a motel in Santa Rosa after she collided the Buick with a parked car. Her boyfriend Kelvin Vigil, 41, of Rohnert Park was arrested for possession of stolen property - Smuck's watch.

Smuck, his son James and his granddaughter told Chouteau they gave Burk an opportunity to turn her life around but she tormented them for four years. They said the attack was not random and Burk robbed and assaulted Smuck because she was angry with their family. Burk's daughter lived with James Smuck, prosecutor Barbara Nanney said. Smuck's family said Burk was abusive to her own child.

She asked; "Where's the jewelry? Where's the money? If you don't tell me I'll kill you", Smuck said; "It was the only time I ever feared for my life, and I feel if it happens again, I could kill."

Burk pleaded no contest last month to burglary, robbery and elder abuse and Chouteau imposed his indicated sentence of 11 years and 8 months in jail. The sentence also includes two years and 8 months for shoplifting at a Kohl's department store.

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Liz said...

while I do not condone violence of ANY KIND, readers ought to have the benefit of the other side of the story.
jack smuck, my father, was abusive to my sisters, my brother, our mother.
in 2005, he was arrested for attempting to strangle me, on the day i brought 2 weeks of food for he and my mother while she was still alive.
he was abusive verbally, beat my daughter, shoved my sister to the point she dropped her 6 month old daughter; called all of us bitches, cunts, vipers, fat asses...
i doubt if you will post this on your website.
but it feels good to get the truth out.
and, as i said, while i do not condone violence of ANY KIND, having grown up with enough to last a lifetime...what comes around goes around.
it's a very sad story, in direct opposition to what most people in rohnert park thought true about our family.
our mother died with our family in utter chaos, due to the selfishness of our father.