Monday, July 23, 2007

Help! My Mother is Losing Her Will to Live !

Hello, Ray: Revised 7-23-2007

I just found your group. My abuse is at the hands of the system. Isolation of my 86 yrs old mother for over a year, taken by the Office on Aging.

Collusion with assisted living owner, court appointed attorney, Adult Protective Services, and the judge. About money, of course!

I have learned from others that the court appointed attorney has a bad reputation. I had already learned myself how bad she was, not looking out for my mother's best interest. Mother is losing her will to live, "I just want to die, just let me die!"

I hope you have other contacts in Maryland, specifically Howard County or Ellicott City, MD. Also helpful - Montgomery and Carroll Counties. Anyone else that may be having issues with the system taking over their elderly parents, isolating them from family and taking the estates.
Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Barbara Morris


Dear Barbara

I know how you must feel , my mother Clara a widow with the foresight to prepare a will a Trust , Trustee and advance directives to govern in these exact circumstances . On July 1st 2007 a Guardian was chosen in spite of my mother being cared for 24/7 by the best care available, her bills are all paid and she is very well taken care of.

At the hearing where the attorney was chosen as my mother's guardian, there was no advance notice, no written notification and no chance for the family to prepare in advance or to have an attorney to represent the family present.

It is indeed scary that my mother Clara can have her wishes overruled without ever being heard or considered while the funds and permission necessary to care for are her placed in someone else's hands! Someone who might not pay the meager salary paid her caregivers which will result of my mother being forced out her home and into a nursing home. A place she doesn't want to go and she has made it clear that she wants to stay in familiar surroundings and should be able to stay in her home and live out her days free of un necesary and costly third party intervention.

Those of us relying on living wills had best beware.

Please read When did this become acceptable behavior in the United States of America?

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Anonymous said...

Darned,..this stuff is happening to families is so wrong,..I feel sorry for the woman,..and I am seeing that she is reaching out to you for help.

Sad that people are so greedy,..sad that we don't see the warning signs before this crap happens!

In your case Ray, it was "writing on the wall",..but you couldn't imagine such evil in your brother,.you have a way of only seeing the good in people. In a way that is a good thing, another, it certainly was not.

I have always been able to read people , I started to read into people for my own protection, and I haven't had any really bad problems with anyone.

I saw the problem coming down the line for you ,..but you had to find out for yourself.