Monday, July 23, 2007

Comments From Readers : This Stuff Is So Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Darned,..this stuff is happening to families is so wrong,..I feel sorry for the woman,..and I am seeing that she is reaching out for your help.

Sad that people are so greedy,..sad that we don't see the warning signs before this crap happens!
In your case Ray, it was "writing on the wall",..but you couldn't imagine such evil in your brother,. you have a way of only seeing the good in people. In a way that is a good thing, another, it certainly was not.

I have always been able to read people , I started to read into people for my own protection, and I haven't had any really bad problems with anyone. I saw the problem coming down the line for you ,..but you had to find out for yourself.


Yes find out for myself I did, you were right a lot of people warned me, and I wrote it off , even when he would visit late at night and stay up all night going through the file cabinets gathering account numbers, information he could use later, to carry out his plans .

And I still did not read the 'writing on the wall'

After he took Clara , and alarms bells went off, even then we would say, "He is her son, he is not going to let anything Bad happen to her!"

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise not 3 months went by before Clara was totally incapacitated and fighting for her life in a string of hospitals and nursing homes.
This totally devastated A.J. Fernandez, Clara's husband of 58 years , who died shortly thereafter from the stress off the situation.

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