Monday, July 30, 2007

Elder Justice "Gone Awfully Wrong!"

Florence, Alabama Elizabeth S. Hill

I read recently that in 2006 there were almost 500,000 cases of elder abuse reported in domestic settings. If there were this many cases in homes, how many cases were in institutions, and how many abuses were not reported?

It's frightening to even think about it.In the past few years I have become aware of the lack of love and the excess of greed when an old person has Alzheimer's or some other debilitating disease, and can be manipulated.

I witnessed a case when a friend with Alzheimer's had every legal document he had carefully made when he was well reversed and changed during the last six months of his life.

They were changed so that people whom he had not intended to benefit were benefitted from his legacy. There was no one with legal or medical authority who would help him, or who could help him.

Congress needs our encouragement to pass the Elder Justice Act (HR 1783).

All we have to do is call 1-800-928-8084 and say the we want help for the elderly, help for the multitudes who are being physically, sexually, emotionally or psychologically abused. We want help for those being neglected and financially exploited.This act will fund services and training for those who can help the elderly to see that they are treated as they should be treated.

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