Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maureen McCormick speaks about the 'Other side of Abuse'

Maureen explains that she was close to her father, Richard, until her mother died. She claims, "Kevin isolated him totally from me, totally took him away. My family is in a huge crisis. We can't see our father any more. We have no contact with him.

Her brother, Michael, recounts, “After Mom passed away, Maureen called and said, 'What do you think about Dad living with Kevin?' And at first I was a little nervous, but we said, 'Look, let's give it a try,' but things started getting really bad, really soon.”

Maureen says her father and Kevin isolated themselves. “I felt like there was a lot of dishonesty,” she says. “They were starting to do a lot of things without telling anyone, like transferring huge amounts of money into Kevin's name. The degree of control that Kevin had is so, so scary.”

“They were putting things on me that — " Maureen begins. “It was like they were turning everything around. It jumped out to me that they're one, that they're just like one person.” Dr. Phil says, “You had noticed that they were kind of dressed alike, sunglasses, kind of almost identical white shirts.” “It's like my father's in a cult, a cult of one,” says Maureen.

"'You did this wrong, you stole, you're a criminal, you're a liar, you're a perjurer.’ And you stood up to it, but I saw you several times, you just kind of — you just got taller. You know, you stood there for a minute, and you seemed to be shrinking around, and all of a sudden you just stood up and said, 'What proof? What crimes? What's this? We all need help. I'll go. Let's go.' And when you pushed for information, did you see what happened every time?

Wild laughter, broad accusations, walk away. You could never have a conversation where you said, 'OK, if I am guilty, articulate my crimes for me.

I'd like to get them here.' 'You'll find out.' 'Well, what were they?' 'Oh, you'll find out.' But never an answer. Always evasion. Hit and retreat, hit and retreat, hit and retreat. Accuse and evade, accuse and evade, accuse and evade. That's what I see on this tape."


Thanks for the anonymous tip on the story: comments by blog master

These are exerpts from the interview because of the on going discussion of elder abuse here on E.A. we printed some relevant comments that follow a pattern by a member of the family that feels victimized , and then sets out to bad mouth other members of the family by the use of broad accusations and slander to discredit them and gain control over the person who is at the center of the power struggle and then use that person to harm others and gain money,attention, power and influence that otherwise they would be un able to get on their own . For the complete transcript, prints and slide show please go to Here >>

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Carol said...
I had almost the same thing as Maureen during the past four years. Mine ended May 17, 2007, when my mother died. I never got to say goodbye.

My brother also was the black sheep of the family. He could never say a kind word about Mom and Dad.

I did go to court and got the money out of his hands and into a bank to handle the trust. Everything went in my favor in court. It will break your heart if you don't get to say goodbye.

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