Monday, July 23, 2007

If I Were a Ruthless S.O.B

by Tamar Yonah

They’re not stupid and they’re not crazy. Our leaders today have a reason for their lousy leadership. And it all has to do with money and power. It’s been like this throughout the ages. Nothing has changed and we are not seeing anything new under the sun.
The world is not always what we have been brought up to view it as.

As a child, the thought of becoming a Hollywood actor, a policeman or a prize fighter might have been glamorous, but the real picture was only shown to us once we entered that world.
Becoming a policeman didn’t turn out to be the 'upholding of the law' and having integrity. You found out who you could enforce the rule of law to, and who to leave alone....

Vying to be the best in boxing or other sports didn’t always go as planned, especially when you were told to take a dive, because that’s what ‘scar-faced Vinney’ wanted.

The world is run by people who are ambitious, thick skinned and love having power. Most people abuse this power. Sadly, this is happening to most all of us around the world, whether in the USA or in Israel. Let me show you how people corrupt and manipulate others.

This is what I would do if I were a ruthless S.O.B.

I would make sure I rubbed elbows with the 'right' people. I would get to know them, offer to 'help them' in any way, I could, and even come through on that offer. I'd make big contributions to political campaigns, - both the republican and the democratic candidates, this, in order to cover all bases. No matter who the citizens voted for, democrat or republican, I would own them both. The people would THINK they chose who they wanted, but in reality, they both work for me.

I'd have a grand party at my residence. At this party, I would invite these new friends and business acquaintances of mine, like the Governor, senators, mayor, judges, district attorneys, Police chief, media people, the hottest musicians, some other celebrities, in short, all the 'elite' of the area and out of area.

There would be lots and lots of booze, and maybe some other mind altering substances that celebs use.At this party, I would also make sure that I had some other guests. They'd be female. Well, mostly female. They'd be beautiful, and what's more important, they'd be for hire. Get my drift?

I would instruct these 'hired' guests of mine to get them good and drunk, and to 'please' my guests any way they would want to be 'pleased'. I would have the premises at my house equipped with many tiny cameras, video-ing all the action. I would keep these videos for future need, i.e. twisting arms, blackmailing.

If I ever found myself in legal proceedings or any court cases against me, I would ask the judges, district attorney, whoever, to find a way to drop the case, or lose evidence, -whatever it takes to get the charges dropped, or the case thrown
out. If they didn't comply, I would show them the videos I have and ask them if they would want it to get out, and their career ended.

This by the way happens in 'real life' and there have been cases of judges being bribed, the courts 'losing evidence', or thugs threatening jury members or witnesses to a case. In the case of law and enforcement, there are politicians who have the power to make a law in-active, by stating that there is 'no public interest' in enacting or pursuing a case.

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