Monday, December 8, 2008

The Dumbing Down of America

"According to studies the nation's school children over the last 30 years proportion of children reading below the basic level has hovered around 35% with 70% never attain reading proficiency (NAEP, 2007).

This translates into adults go into midlife poorly equipped to take care of their parents or make crucial; decisions for them.

According to study by the National Guardianship Association, titled "Emerging Trends , The Relative Are Restless" Download here=>>.pdf
by Terry Hammond, Executive Director and Steven D. Fields and presented to the 16th Annual Probate Bar makes this point. "there is something wrong with the relatives who are willing to serve."

Yes, the inferences from reading the report is that there is something wrong with the American public, they are dysfunctional, ungrateful, and disgruntled and by default totally un-qualified to take care of their parents ."

That was by design, and how is it that heirs have to defend their rights of inheritance to the state, a court, a guardianship business and it's minions?

Was that comment about "their expected inheritance" in the report meant to make children and grand children feelguilty? It seems to me, that that entity has an inordinate, unwarranted sense of entitlement.

This "Dumbing Down of America," was by DESIGN, and yes, it started in earnest about 50-35 yrs. ago. There are many ex-teachers, Superintendents, Principles, Administrators who have written books about it. Public schools are another arm of Gov't which is charged with the "social engineering," behavioral conditioning of the populace.

The beginning philosophy, those who started the system of compulsory schooling (Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, J.P. Morgan,etc.) along with the wild eyed Utopian, Thomas Hobbes, had a particular agenda. It was to educate(train) children enough so that they would become producers and consumers, but not so much that they become educated enough to be independent, critical thinkers. Those could become a danger to those "social engineers," who'd like to keep,and grow their empires.

As time progressed, children were taught lessand less. They are now deprived of their history, and the ability to communicate, besides much, much more. Today many people are bewildered by what has happened to their families and themselves (As was I).

They believed that the Constitution is supposed to protect them. That really was it's purpose. To see how other/or elderly family members later were sucked into this: But, about 1796 "elements" interposed themselves in the FAMILY in ways never seen anywhere before. In Connecticut Superior court, was introduced "judicial discretion" along with a concept called "psychological parenthood," which was a radical notion without legal precedent which was used to support drastic, forcible intervention into family life.

These were poorly understood court rulings where courts MADE law instead of interpreting it. Rulings were later formalized by Know-Nothing legislators. This was a restructuring of family ordered by a judicial body without anypublic debate or consent.

This was the result of the dreams of Utopian writers and philosophers. The True Believers (dangerous). 1840 Justice Paige's opinion, with a strong state faith, "The moment a child is born it owes it's allegiance to the Gov't. of the country of it's birth (hmm is there a question right now about someone's birth place?)and is entitled to the 'protection' of the gov't. The fathers sovereign power passed to gov't of the state.

Power was transferred back for the convenience of the state but> their "guardianship" was limited to the legal duty of maintenance and education, but absolute sovereignty stayed with the state. Next came Children's courts and foster homes, probate courts to retrieve assets, and family courts to determine custody. But, CONCENTRATED effort was placed on putting as many buffering layers between biological members of families.

For all the people who think that "Surely the state, and courts want to keep families intact, think long and hard about, "for the convenience of the state (and all it's minions). School kids today are fodder for the "Combine" and will stand in parents and grandparent's places. The original precept was WRONG.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice

blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Ray said...

Thank You Alena;
Hope you will visit us often and leave more encouraging remarks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, children in public schools are short changed. Homeschooled children have the advantage of spending more time with family members where bonds are strengthened, and the children interact daily with people of different ages. They don't spend 8 to 10 hours per day confined in an institution with their own age group, learn to defer to a stranger ("teacher")before their parents, then go home to do homework and watch T.V., pretty much shut off from the diversity in the REAL world.

The elderly should not be an abstraction, a classification to them, but grandma, grandpa, and the neighbor Mrs. Jones who buys their girl scout cookies, or elderly Mr. Smith who fixes the tires on their bikes. The elderly, not a "segment" of society, but an integral part of it. Not a classification of people that some "social engineers" have decided shouldn't participate.

The homeschooled should be taught about our founding fathers and The Declaration of Independence, it's significance (rarely emphasized in public schools), and they should study the Constitution with their family members. These kids learn that they are unique individuals not just part of a collective meant for the purpose of producing and consuming. The job of every parent, from the day a child is born, is to create a self reliant, self determining, fully developed human being.

As to this "guardian game" which is part of a "system," as long as there's profit involved (there's plenty, and it's spread around a lot) there will be abuses (false imprisonment, poor care, neglect, early demises, and thievery by the "paragons of virtue", the members of the Judiciary and all others that the court supports).

We have to understand that those people "high in the "hierarchy" are generally pragmatists who want to see the system "work." They're part of the system, because they're supported by it. (At one time, my dog had a tapeworm he was supporting).

The autonomous, self sufficient, self willed, self determined, self reliant, free man/woman who is an independent, critical thinker is anathema to probate judges, because the judge and the "system" which supports him can't survive if there are too many of the aforementioned in the population.

Which do we think would produce people with the aforementioned qualities? Homeschools or public schools? Remember, one day these kids WILL stand in the shoes of their grandparents.

We have to understand that the Judiciary has become more and more corrupt. I think it has forgotten that Gov't's only legitimate job is to protect the person, liberty and property of the individual citizen.