Saturday, December 4, 2004

DCF Clears Dr.Fernandez and Clara's Legally Appointed Caregivers of any Wrongdoing

Please click to enlarge: These letters were sent to the Caregivers for Clara and Dr. Fernandez after an exhaustive investigation in which 5 years worth of Financial Records along with credit card records were examined clearing Dr.Fernandez and Clara's legally appointed caregivers of any wrongdoing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dr Fernandez became Overly Depressed after being illegally separated from his wife

It is an accepted fact that when two people that have been together a long time are separated they die. Dr Fernandez after being forcebly separated from his wife became Very Depressed and had to be hospitalized several times. He went on a hunger strike and had to be given Steroids by Dr. Gerth in order to keep him alive, his only hope was to see his wife alive again.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dr. A.J. Fernandez writes Baptist Hospital a Letter in Vain to prevent Claras release to unauthorized persons.

This letter was followed up with calls to Mr. Gordo, a nursing supervisor and the Social Worker, to confirm receipt of said letter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Clara Taken to Batist Hospital for Emergency Neurosurgery After Fall

Trespass Warning Issued Against Hart

A trespass warning was issued against Hart after a disturbance of loud knocking at doors and windows at the home of Dr. Fernandez, who had to be hospitalized several days later as a result of the incident.

Clara is left Alone in Hotel Room Falls and is Paralyzed and Unable to Walk

Sedatives : Manufacturers Warning for Elder People

*Manufactures warning:Ambiem will cause drowsiness - Avoid other sedatives,sleeping pills, and tranquilizers. They should NOT be taken while using Ambien . Narcotics (Darvacet) can increase the sedative effects of this drug, it could decrease your breathing rate to the point of nconsciousness or come.

Do not take this drug with any other drugs that might slow the central system down, like another sedative. Only take this drug in small Doses if over sixty and with CLOSE monitoring.Do not take Ambien with other sedatives, it WILL make you drowsy and you could fall and hurt yourself *Manufactures notes

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Complaint Filed with DCF by Family in Hopes of Getting Help

In not being able to see or speak with Clara her family became overly concerned because of her delicate state of health and turned to the DCF for help in the hope that they could do something before serious harm came to her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dr. Gerth asks for Calm Surroundings for Dr. Fernandez

Dr. Gerth is concerned that all the commotion with Al Jr and Harts is having adverse effect on Dr. Fernandez health and prompts him to write a letter
asking that stressful or confrontational situations be avoided

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Clara's Family Tries Desperately to Contact Her

Many Ways were tried to contact Clara regarding the expiration of the Permit, which implied giving up a grandfather clause, permit,engineering, health dept permit fees, soil tests, surveys costs, architectural fees, lot addressing fees, septic tank fees, ect, ect. representing a substantial loss for Clara
This was a Restricted Certified Mail, which was blocked from Clara, and she never received it.

Identity Theft of An Elder Unable to Comprehend

All efforts were made to contact Clara about her Identity theft.
We wanted to let her know what was going on, there was no way possible.
We tried Restricted Delivery, Certified Mail, both she would have to personally sign for.

We paid a process server named Rodney Elinor to serve letters to Clara of all the things that were happening without her knowledge.
Not possible, as Mr. Elinor reported back that as soon as he tried to deliver the correspondence, she was flanked by her abductors.

Lawsuits were filed on 'Clara's behalf' against family members withour her knowledge consent or the ability to comprehend what was going on , in a vain attempt to descredit/intimidate them into silence.

Orders were issued in elder's name in order to block Dr. Fernandez from fixing his house after hurricane Wilma.

False Complaints were filed with the Food and Drug Administration in Clara's name in order to cut off the flow of 'life saving drugs' for Dr. Fernandez , falsely alleging that his medications were 'non-prescription'.

These copies of his prescriptions proved above and beyond, the false claims made on Clara's behalf to the FDA .

A False complaint was filed with the DCF in Clara's name that Dr. Fernandez was being abused, which prompted Clara to personally visit Mr. Scotty Blevins at his office and disavowed that she ever made such a claim.