Sunday, December 24, 2006

Silence is Complicity Please Take Action Now ! Elders are Depending on You!

Please Give Your Support write to any / all of the agencies responsible for our growing elder

Governor Charlie Christ - Email

Florida Dept Law Enforcement - Email

AARP - Email

US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

National Institute of Justice

National Center for Elder Abuse

Contact Attorney General of Florida

Internet Crime Complaint Center an FBI Partnership

Use this Text 'or substitute your own'

Dear Sirs;

I am concerned about society's moral and civic duty in protecting out most vulnerable elderly population and I am concerned that authorities develop a coherent policy to hold abusers accountable and would like to ask that the allegations as made in : ElderAbuseHelp.Org be fully investigated.

Manipulation of Our Legal System - Elder Has No Property !

A Quit Claim Deed was prepared transferring Real Estate OUT of the Elder's name. October 5th 2004

Now It is emphatically alleged in court Clara " She doesn't own any property here". April 23rd 2005

Forcing a Change of Venue , the case was transferred based on the representation that the Elder did not own any property in Monroe County. Clara and Dr. Fernandez built the house in 1977 and had lived in it ever since. May 26th 2005

Like a puppet "On a String being pulled from one county to another"-Judge Gary L. VonHof, 15th Judicial Court Circuit Judge, August 31, 2005.

State's new prosecutor focusing on elder abuse

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. --New Hampshire's prosecutor for elder abuse relishes the idea of going after people who cheat and abuse vulnerable people.
"It's really an area of law that no one has focused on," said Tracy Culberson, head of the attorney general's Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Unit. "If I don't get excited about it, who's going to? I enjoy the idea of going after those people who think nobody is looking."

Clara is Missing Personal Jewelry Heirloom

Now you see it!

Now you Won't!

This picture when showed to Clara, she cried out "My Ring" . It is a copy of a Ring that appeared for sale on the Internet after Clara was abducted from Key West. The Internet site is the same where the changes in Powers of Attorney prepared on the elders behalf was distributed. When Clara was returned home she was missing the heirloom ring that she was wearing on the day she was taken.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Only about one in six cases of elder financial abuse is estimated to be reported.

The Times- - According to Wolf, only about one in six cases of elder financial abuse is estimated to be reported.

Please Report elder abuse Write 'National Center on Elder Abuse' and/or call Adult Protective Services at 503-640-3489.

Pushing for "Better Handling" of Elder Abuse Cases?

Advocates Push for Better Handling of Elder Abuse- by Alisa LaPolt

- Senior advocates told legislators Wednesday they want law enforcement officers forced to pay more attention to increasing cases of elder abuse and neglect.

5 Address changes in less than one year for confused sick elder!

Department of Elder affairs Report Dated May 3 2005 -

With transfers for one setting to another often on an increase, cognitive deficits and decrease in functional ability can arise. -Roberta Matranga BA May 31, 2005 .

Is it right for a person that according to the Examining Committee appointed by the court after Clara was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, poor memory, afraid to make decisions, and forgetful. Report of Examining committee February 6, 2006 .

"To be on string being pulled from one county to another" - Judge Gary L. VonHof, Circuit Judge , August 31, 2005.

"To be moved 5 times , and to be told her husband was dead! "

This type of elder abuse has cost Clara Fernandez and her Husband their 'Golden Years' together and the authorities in charge of should NOT look the other way!

According to this testimony Clara is now at Ashboro Manor.

According to this court testimony Clara now resided at Manor Care.

Clara's address is now this nursing Home at Greenbriar in The Greater Miami Area.

According to Fidelity, Clara is now at: 525 Lake Howard Drive in Winter Haven, Florida.

Here we have Clara's address it has now been changed again to: 11920 Sunset Blvd. in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Torn Away from her Husband, Shuffled and Left Alone.

It just wasn't right to tear a husband and wife apart,
under false pretenses, this couple who were together
for their golden years , whole life was torn asunder, without
a hint of compassion.

Shuffled around again.

And yet Again!And Again and Again

Friday, December 22, 2006

Court Appoints Permanent Guardian

Court Makes Guardianship Permanent

Court's rules for a permanent guardian, the order is ignored again by failure of parties to turn assets over to the court appointed plenary guardian as ordered.

Mail Stop to Dr. Fernandez by third parties cause serious interruptions and lapses in insurance coverage

After Dr. Fernandez and Clara stopped getting their mail for several months causing several of their insurance policies to lapse, utilities interruption, ect.

Insurance policies were lapsed and many crucial services interrupted

Lapses in policies due to manipulation of mail

False Complaint in Clara's name is filed with Postal Police

When Dr. Fernandez and Clara's caregivers, found out about the mail hold and resumed getting Dr. Fernandez mail, a complaint was filed with the Postal Police, by persons impersonating Clara G. Fernandez

Elder ID Theft: Should We be Concerned?

rAccording to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there are 4 types of ID theft: Financial ID Theft , Criminal ID Theft , Identity Cloning , Business or Commercial Identity Theft

In Tallahassee, a home health aide employed at an assisted living facility stole the identity of an 89-year-old resident...and diverted the woman's mail

The case was investigated by the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The suspect was charged with exploitation of the elderly, criminal use of personal identification, forgery and grand theft.

The few existing programs on elder ID theft have focused on educating people about ways to protect their identifying information.But is it realistic to assume that frail elders can and will do so?

Clergy Against Senior Exploitation (CASE) Partnership, a program operated by the Denver District Attorney’s office, works with faith-based partners to develop and present training programs on elder financial exploitation (including identity theft)
Good starting points for learning more about identity theft, including ID theft of seniors, are the websites of the Office for Victims of Crime at the U.S.Department of Justice at and the Identity Theft Resource Center at

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Medicare Fraud

"Here is a bill for Ostomy services in the amount of $3,315.00.
Can you believe $3,315.00 for "Services Rendered" for October 19Th. 2005 through December 19Th. 2005 , and the patient never needed or received?

Well, according to Clara's Activity Records, she was brought back to her home in Key West, Florida on August 5Th 2005
According to Clara's guardian, 'retired nurse' Ms.A. McClain, Clara's family, and her Doctors, Clara has never used 'Ostomy' Bags, Belts, or the like!
The numerous times Clara was hospitalized for the purpose of keeping her from her family
Many times she was moved from place to place using ambulances at taxpayers expense,
Who is really paying for these services?
Medicare? Medicaid?
Perhaps, "All of us ?"

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The 'Isolation of an Elderly Woman' and the 'Taking Complete Control of Her Finances.' -


Clara at the 'Bay Lake House' site.
Clara and her youngest son with building permits in hand.
A few months before she was abducted, Clara filed and pulled many a permit to build a home and planned to retire in Orlando with her husband Dr. A.J.Fernandez.
She was really excited about building a house there, she liked the idea of spending the rest of her days with her husband, children and grand children going to the flea markets, shopping, restaurants, and amusement parks.
She knew the family as a whole was very excited about this project and looked so forward to it's completion!
Clara is seen here by herself, strong as she always was, walking the grounds prior to the beginning of their new homes construction.
After her abduction, Clara was kept totally isolated, she was without communication with her husband, family and friends. Nothing got in or out, no mail, no phone calls, no process servers,
no one could get through to her, as the many witnesses bear out that fact.
All 'means and methods' were tried and in vain to contact Clara.
-Here is a receipt for restricted 'Certified Mail' that Clara never received.

The permits on their building project had all expired without Clara's knowledge and now all was lost for for Clara and her husband Dr. A.J. Fernandez , neither of them ever got to see their project started much less finished.
They lost their 'grandfathered building privileges', permit fees, architectural fees, septic tank fees, as well as their Health Department permit fees, soil test fees, engineering fees , and survey fees.

The financial cost to Clara, A.J. and their Estate was staggering! And the psychological damage that Dr. Fernandez suffered by being forcibly separated from his wife was CRUEL! The injuries that Clara suffered as a result of neglect, disuse, and drugging by her abductors that led up to her disability, is SHAMEFUL and beyond any dollar amount!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Clara is held Incommunicado and her attorneys are Un able to contact her

Clara Estate Attorney is "concerned" about recent events and writes letters to
Clara who is held totally incommunicado is Un able to answer or contact her attorneys.

Friday, December 15, 2006

after Abduction the IRS Un able to communicate with Elder

The IRS is desperately looking for Clara who always prepared her own taxes, and is now late and un able for the first time in preparing her Taxes

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dr. A. J. Fernandez Misses his Violin

Dr. A. J. Fernandez played his violin everyday!
"He loved music and it was his pleasure to share it in
every oppertunity he had with his friends and family!"

It was a special edition 'Stradivarius Soloist' he purchased in 1978,
the year his grand daughter Jessica Claire was born, and by now it would
have been worth more as it was rare and considered highly collectible.

"It was to be a family heirloom, and not to be auctioned off on the Internet ! "

When A.J. suffered a stroke in August 1999, Mr. Bill Hart and Al Jr. came to his home
under the premise of a friendly visit, they knew about his prized violin, and Mr. Hart
took the violin from Dr. Fernandez's bedroom saying; " He won't be needing this anymore", and then left the house never to return the violin A.J. once loved to play for us all!!!

After Dr. Fernandez recovered from his stroke, he started wondering about his violin,
he wanted to hold it, to play it, and was told it would be excellent therapy for him to play again. He continued asking for his violin

We helped A.J. draft a letter on 10-08 2004 and had it delivered by 'Certified Mail' to Mr. Bill Hart and Al Jr. in the hopes of getting his violin back.

But Dr. A.J. Fernandez NEVER saw his prized violin again! - "Sad but, True."

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Clara's State Of Health Before Her Abduction 8-20-04.

"The Patient Looks good. She looks younger than her stated age 84. Hygene is good.
No Coordination Problems". -Dr Kaplitz Sept 09 2003.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Latest Order approving guardian powers to Angela McClain to be 'vacated' delaying affronting real issues and skirting justice .

Clara has been patiently waiting since July 2006, for these hearing which would have put her one step closer to resolution , this further complicates the Guardian Powers in being able to pay for Clara's health care and a prolonging of the legal process, making it longer and more costly for Clara.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Defense Lawyers Often Try to Delay Trial of Elder Abuse and Exploitation cases until the Victim is too Disabled to Testify, Experts Say

a single incident of mistreatment is more likely to trigger a downward spiral leading to loss of independence, a serious complicating illness, and even death.

Clara never recovered from the fall that she suffered after being left alone , over medicated in a Motel room on November 17th 2004 . This was 3 months after she was IMPROPERLY REMOVED from her handicapped equipped home with 24/7 supervision. Clara is in need of a special diet physical therapy due to osteoporosis, and constant medical attention due to hypertension, dementia and Alzheimer.

Unfortunate for Clara all attempts to get her back including seeking help from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and filing of a REPORT with the Florida Division of Children and Families to try to get her back before she was seriously injured failed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Motion To Vacate'Garcia' November 20 2006

By the defense alleging non-service , the order was vacated and a delay from November 20th 2006 to the following year (2007) until the hearing could be re scheduled, gaining time for the abusers and prolonging the agony for Clara G. Fernandez.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Death of Dr. A.J. Fernandez

Only 3 days after the 'Residency' hearing for his wife Clara, Dr. A. J. Fernandez, passed away knowing that his wife Clara would be declared an absolute resident of her home town of Key West, Florida.

He was under such duress concerning the out come of the Judge's rulings as she had been bounce around in numerous counties by her abusers in order to blur jurisdictional
lines and a 'Residency Hearing' was called by Judge VonHof to confirm where Clara actually did live.

When Judge Richard Payne ruled that her place was at home with her family and friends in Key West, after he questioned Clara, friends and witnesses , he ruled that Clara was indeed a resident of Monroe County, Florida. Dr. A. J. Fernandez felt his wife would finally be safe at home.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Clara's Guardian,Angela McClain, files 2nd Complaint For "Elder Financial Abuse'

This Complaint was filed after the abusers refuse to turn over to the Guardianship the property of Clara G. Fernandez , urging the DCF to take action. The Guardian or family of Clara G. Fernandez , never heard from the DCF again.